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Friday, February 26, 2016

The Latest Daily Addition of my newspaper "All Things Autoimmune".... For Friday morning February 26th....

The Newest Addition of my Daily Newspaper "All Things Autoimmune" from Chronic Pain and the possibility of Yoga and mindfulness & the Science it, to Green Tea helping Ra (a possibility) a great deal of new information for all of you! Interesting, I drink green tea usually iced especially in the Spring and Summer months, plus I have taken a green tea supplement for years, but more for helping "weight control" due to it's boosting of your digestive system, plus new information from the CDC about about effective the flu vaccine is....

I put my newspaper out daily, and usually I update it and put it out twice daily. The subjects that I usually put out there are things about Lupus, RA, and autoimmune illnesses, BUT, there are also many articles about chronic pain, our environment, about technology, the latest in medical science and its technology and more. So, there is something for everyone in most additions...please check it out and I will post a link daily here for everyone!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Post of the "The Face of Pain" - FOR NATIONAL PAIN AWARENESS MONTH!

When I see thee numbers is just astounds me. It is just like the autoimmune illnesses that for many destroy our lives. The chronic pain and the AI's tend to run hand in hand. Most with an AI, do also have chronic pain. So, pain is always there somewhere, lying wait for another victim. Please help and do something to change the "Face of Pain".....

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wanting to try and Give You an Update

Of course many of you already know about all that has taken place with myself and my husband, the accident, DC and the entire gamut of the past three weeks. What began as something so wonderful, was so abruptly ended in such a disaster.

I, nor honestly any of us really know what the hell happened out there coming into Dallas on I-45 a couple of weeks ago. There were three vehicles, 2 of which claim that "saw" it all". One man that says he "saw" from his own front porch what He thinks he saw, yet in the blink of an eye, it seems almost impossible for anyone to have just "happened" to have walked out at the exact time that something like this was taking place. It cab happen, and I understand that. But, the odds of something like that happening, and then between "hearing" and turning around to also "see", as I said odds are what you saw and/or heard were more than likely two different things.

I also know there was people that told myself and the gentleman that was at the time helping in in D.C. after all this took place, that my husband was NOT at fault. As a matter of fact, we both were told by the same "trauma" unit physician about the wreck itself, as much as they knew then, the injuries, how many and what "type" of vehicles were in involved. The details were very specific at that time, even down to all of the injuries they thought Jim had, and there was a long list. So, whomever this Doctor was (and I have his name) and also the name of the nurse who called the first time. As I said they repeated the list of injuries, the information about the accident and even went so far to say that it appeared an 18 wheel tractor-trailer that "ran into the back of our car.

Well, in the first place, lesson learned, get a lawyer immediately, if is it fairly bad accident and even if no one was injured, just get one. Secondly, do NOT wait the "10" days for a police/accident report to be "ready:". If you have to CALL three times a day every day until you have it in your hands. That bull about "10 days" was bull. My own insurance company and the others involved in the accident had much quicker than we were told it would be ready.

KEEP everything! Every note, every receipt.... parking, eating, anything... keep each & every receipt. At the time those things do not seem all that important, but that night I took a fall at the very hotel we stayed at, I kept all of my receipts from both. I did not know that I maybe needing medical attention or how badly I was injured etc. Actually I thought I just had a cut all the way through my lip and a scratch or two. Now, I am dealing with an infection and dry socket from a tooth that had to be pulled, along with now I have a chip in the tooth next to the other one, and my lower right hip/back is just giving me the blues as far as pain. Of course do I know that it is he fall? Well, speculation. But, I was not having issues with any of that until about 7 days later. Then it started acting up. Even an any kind of fall, or accident sometimes it is a week or more before all that is really wrong. So, never get up from a fall, or any type of thing such as that, and completely think oh "I'm okay"... you may think... but bruising on the inside, especially deep so nothing "feels bad, or looks bad", until it has had time to manifest itself in the right manner,

For the most part right now I wanted to let everyone know, that as lousy of a time this all is, right now we are just trying our best to put one foot in front of the other. When something such as this takes such a toll on your life... nothing I don't think every truly returns to what you thought was "normal again".
No matter whether an accident, or a chronic illness, anything that "moves" your life in such a dramatic way, forever more gives you a different vision...

I am still not near the place I am really comfortable to write about all of it. I am just trying as I said above, to keep my ducks in a row! I have several things "due" like my Mom's tax form, that I GOT to get done and in the mail by Tuesday, or file an extension...a which if I have to I will..

I also have some "brain fog" type mess happening to me... I think honestly what I need to do right now, is get off this computer, fix me some breakfast & watch a couple of movies for now. I am feeling lousy and my mind does NOT work, when I feel physically crappy... so I maybe back on today and I may not be. Also, don't panic if you happen not to see me post etc this weekend. I do have to finish those papers and get them in the mail, plus I have several other things hanging over my head I just need to get done and off my plate, When those things bothering me, I am never going to put my head back on straight. Plus whatever is going on with my lower back and hip are not helping things at all. I can barely sit HERE when I         KEEP TRYING TO FIND SOME WAY it does NOT hurt to sit. So, I am off for a bit today.... and I will sign back on and talk more once some of this stuff is off my shoulders,..

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sharing an Article from "Mind Body Green" about "10 Things about RA"

I am happy to share a great and informative Article written by Tami Caskey Brown, from the (IFAA) International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis! She is one huge asset to the advocacy to help the fight on RA and the other Autoimmune Arthritic Diseases! I happen to have the great privilege in getting to know Tami and also help her on the great work she puts in on the "Media Awareness Hotline" portion of IFAA's fight against these diseases. The link below is to her article on the "Mind Body Green" Website! Please check it out as well as their site!

"Mind Body Green" 10 things I wished Everyone knew About Rheumatoid Arthritis

You can see more about what is happening at IFAA and what the "Media Awareness Hotline" is all about. It helps to stop articles, papers, news and media items that contain "misleading" or inaccurate information on RA and the other AutoImmune Arthritis Diseases.

International Foundation For Autoimmune Arthritis Media Awareness Hotline

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