Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life's Waters As They Often Flow -- Where We Never Know

I must apologize for I have been out of pocket, so to speak over the past 48 hours or so. We had kind of a family emergency come up unexpectedly as "emergencies" usually do. It really sent me reeling, since I myself, have been in quite the "tizzy" with baking, cooking, cleaning, and all of the holiday last minute things that we always have this time of year. Even though we do not think we will actually be at the house for the holiday (depending on the weather) we still do Xmas baking for a few neighbors, have a tree, the lights, and so forth. So, my schedule suddenly got put aside for a situation with My Mom. I had been there on Wednesday to visit, and she seemed to be fine. In fact she did not even say anything about not feeling well. So, after a several hour visit I came home to begin on completely more of my last minute baking. Thursday morning I was making my 4th Pumpkin Roll, and I had been having "issues" with 2 of them "splitting" so I was kind of frustrated with that, the phone rings and it is fairly early. Of course I always get a call when I am smack dab in the middle of something I need to finish, and sure enough it was my Mom. Well, of course our phone decided not to properly work (found out is was our internet connection, we have Vonage, thus if the internet is having issues, then sometimes our phone does not want to work either). I knew she would be leaving a message, of which I could not get it either, and could not get the phone to dial her home. I finally grab the cell phone to call her. As I said hello, I could tell something was not right. I asked her what was wrong, and she began to tell me just how "short winded" she was. She was not even able to walk from her kitchen to the living room without being "winded". Well, come to find out that had been going on for about 4 days. She did not want to "bother" me, so she waited until it scared the hell out of her to let me know. So, I ask her "how bad?" Bad enough to go to the emergency room? Or just bad enough that she felt she could wait until I could get a doctors appointment for later in the day. She tells me she can hold out until we see when the doctor can get her in, thus I call the doctors office. Fortunately, they can get her in by noon, only a couple of hours away. So, I give her a call to let her know. I tell her if it gets too bad before that, then we will go to the ER. Well, I am figuring due to her being out in the cold air over the past several days, having developed some allergy issues this year, having been out in all of the thick leaves digging through them and picking up the pecans that have fallen her on the front lawn, that she maybe having some type of "asthmatic" reaction. She had been doing those things over the past 4 days, also of which when the shortness of breath began. Well, much to my surprise, as soon as we get to the doctor, they check her over and also ask about "pain." She had not even bothered to mention any type of pain to me. All she said was she was worried about the shortness of breath. Even the "pain" she described at first still more like a reaction like asthma, but the next thing I know they are doing an EKG. It dawned on me (since I have had two heart attacks) that this "pain" she is describing, along with shortness of breath, could be heart related. Women, of course can have such different symptoms with a Myocardial Infarction. Due to her being 77 years old, having high blood pressure (controlled), and controlled but High Cholesterol. Along with the fact she does not exercise, was a smoker, even though she quit decades ago, and the last reason was the fact that I had already had 2 previous MI's. Undoubtedly, they "heard" a skipped beat or two, the EKG was a bit abnormal, and I knew her blood pressure was a little erratic, they decided she needed to go over to the ER, and them do the every 90 minute test on the blood that shows the "enzymes" present if there is any sign of a heart attack, or even an impending "event" coming. So, over we go, and at first things seemed good. They took her back right away, they were doing another EKG, and a chest X-Ray to see what those things might show. But, before we could even get the Xray done, this "idiot" of an ER doctor (I don't think I want call him that, came in with an extremely arrogant attitude, first announcing "there is NOTHING" on the EKG (the 2nd one they ran), making our doctor look bad, by then the X-ray was done, and there was no indication of her lungs being infected or having fluid in them, thus ruling our bronchitis or pneumonia, which I felt was not the situation anyway. He basically "IGNORED" our own doctors orders, looked at us like we walked in off the street, and came in for nothing. We were "hysterical" women in his eyes. In fact, one of the nurses had recognized me from my long stay in 2010, when I almost died. She even was talking about it in front of the doctor yet he never picked up on a thing she said, and sent us on our not so merry Way. Well, I was livid. I was determined to get Mom some help, for I could tell, she was having issues with being somewhat short winded. So, I took her home and called the doctors office to tell them about the debacle at the ER.By that time, the doctor had already called the ER, found out they NEVER even touched Mother, never asked her a question, never even listened to her chest, never asked her about pain, and just disregarded the orders for blood testing. Needless to say, my doctor was more than livid. He was to the point of being totally disgusted, and I was the one who was more than Livid. They had already decided to "admit" Mom overnight into the hospital, and do the blood work that way. Thus, we made yet another trip to the hospital, this time to the admissions office, and believe me, they had everything in order! They basically had every piece of paper done, put a bracelet on her, got me to sign two forms, and had her in a room within a matter of about 10 minutes. From there of course the fun for her began, from having to change, be in that very uncomfortable bed, IV in place, EKG leads again, telemetry unit to monitor her heart in place, and several medications, as well of course as drawing blood for the first time. This was late afternoon around 5:00 pm or so.  I had been running since way before dawn, had not eaten a thing, was dying of thirst, but was in fear to leave because I would miss seeing him to find out what all was happening and why. So, around 7:30 he finally came in and explained about her age, the "factors" of high risk etc... thus is everything turned out "negative" by morning, she could go home. We (my husband and I) left as soon as he was finished, and of course it was going to be a long and basically sleepless for Mom, and myself. I knew I would not sleep either, but all they were doing to do is monitor her all night long, then wake her every 90 minutes or so to draw more blood work. So, me staying was futile.

By the Way this next paragraph is a portion fro Facebook I included in this post. So, much of it goes along with what was above...

We had some issues over the past two days and I have been out and not at home. things turned our wonderfully thank Goodness, but we had quite a scare here up until yesterday morning. I am not going to go into details, but I am going to say the outcome was good, which I am so relieved. But, honestly I have been a mess over the past 3 days or so. I am still on overwhelm. Due to of course it being almost Christmas, what happened took me completely away from my schedule of baking, cooking, cleaning, and all I needed to do to get ready for Christmas. I have not really slept in two or three nights, I am just totally physically, emotionally and mentally drained. But, I do want to tell all of you that even though sometimes, we think we "need" that schedule. We get in this mode of "we must", "we have to", and we are going, here, there and yonder. We think if we don't get this done, or that done, it will be a disaster. We have a tendency to completely forget what Christmas and spirit of the holidays are all about. We get too wrapped up "literally" in presents, buying, spending, and all of the "material" things of Christmas, we leave behind what family, what living life, what loving, what having faith, what keeping hope alive in our hearts and in the hearts of those that we can touch, Often this time of year people are in the store, and they look almost "pissed". They are in a hurry, they get mad because everything is hustling and bustling. They are upset if they don't have everything "perfect". They are totally tied down to nothing that truly is what Christmas is all about. Yes, presents, food, trees, decorations, lights, all of those things are beautiful. And we enjoy the "pretty" things of all of that "stuff". But, it is what it is! It is STUFF!!! If you buy your child $2,000.00 worth of toys, but don't HUG him and tell him or her you love them, then what good is that toy? IF putting them in "pretty clothes" and showing them off in public is more important, than holding them close and rocking them, or watching them play in the dirt, or watching them climb in and out of the boxes, rather than play with those toys, then the entire message of the holiday is gone. If you don't show them the "spirit" of this day that we celebrate as Jesus' birth, of Him being born in a "manager", in other words in a barn basically, with not even a blanket to go around Him, but a "rag" that was swaddled tightly around Him to keep Him warm as His own Mother Mary first showed the true Love of a Son and His Mom, then all of the presents and "baubles" in the world do not make up for missing the entire point of the holiday. So, take time out of that schedule to hug your kids, hug your spouse, tell them you love them, hold reverence to prayers for He who came and was born in that Manager so long ago, is the very reason we exist. Tell them the story of His birth, tell them what the Christmas Tree and a Star on top represent. Even down to the "gifts" are about the true nature of "giving" is about how the Kings came to Give to the King that had been born. Allow that North Star to shine in your own heart, so you may pass around the true nature of this precious holiday. I can say that once you go through certain things in life, you figure out very quickly just how precious each heart beat is. With My honor, respect and love... May you be blessed also, Rhia

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