Monday, December 10, 2012

Memories Linger, As the Times Quickly Change

Another New Poem I wrote this morning... I hope you enjoy

As the Memories Linger, Times Do Change...

As the first truly “cold Days” of our Winter move in,
My memories linger how it was not so long ago; alas back then.
When gifts were came from local shops...
When dolls and toys in town were all you could get.
No so long ago, we knew no internet.

You could not find a million items to put around your tree,
Yet faces all lit up that fateful morn filled with joy and glee.
Santa Claus had found your wishes right along his way.
The gifts the elves “cobbled” at the North Pole were fine,
Yet not a one came from some fancy store online.

There were no computers, Kindles or electronic goods so you could view,
The hundreds of thousands of choices, for in your home town there were only a few.
Our local stores enjoyed our faces and provided items to light up a child’s eyes.
Like toys, games, trees and lights, yet everyone could was satisfied,
How Holidays brought families together without a laptop at everyone’s side.

No email, no cell phone, no texting was on those days,
We sent “snail mail” to our families members who were far away.
Times back then were more simple, as everyone can see.
We were full of joy, and not so stressed out,
About whether we sent all our “friends” on Facebook a Xmas Card out!

Alas, life changes, and memories cherished shall also come to change,
Our children’s lives are different and there thoughts later shall not be the same.
Later as they grow older, and us as the ones “passed away” are a memory.
They may think a I-Pod, Kindle, and all of those things for them have gone aside.
Santa brings things we’ve not dreamed of during those days to come in his sleigh ride.

Life changes, we grow older, children grow up, and they have kids of their own. Just a few short years ago, there was not a “computer” or internet. You bought all of your treasures locally, from the small Mom and Pop shops on Main Street. You may have made an order from the Sears Catalog, if you could not get what you wanted in town. Santa never disappointed, and I can remember fondly all of the beautiful things he brought me. New Barbie Dolls, and a Barbie House (that back then was card board), a table and chairs, tea sets, a high chair for my baby dolls and a small rocking crib. Beautiful dresses, pajama’s, and a pink robe, all were sparkling in my eyes on Christmas morning. I knew not a thing about a ‘Wii”, or “Play Station”. There was not a 4 story Barbie House. Barbie did not yet have a fancy car to drive, and tinker toys were all the rage back then, along with playing “Jax.” Yet the rivers of life flow on, and if we were to hold onto those old times, then we would become stagnant as people, as towns, and as a nation, and world. Thus even though times back then seemed much simpler, less filled with drama, conflict, fear, and hatred, we must move on and try to accept what is good during these current times. If we do not like something, then we do have the option of trying to make changes. I still linger in those times, when my plastic “dressing table” and even an Easy Bake Oven were the very best gifts in the world. I linger in the days when the most worry for me was learning my spelling words, and doing my school work, and watching cartoons. You never know just how great you had it, until those days have gone by... Rhia

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