Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Poem "I Have A Disease"

this is quite different from my much of my poetry and writing. Although my writing is usually about the trials and tribulations of the illnesses and their horror at times, my poetry is more on a positive note. But, this one "arrived" yesterday and I share it with you. A "taste" of what my next book will have in it...

I Have a Disease

I’m floating in the clouds,
Then down on the floor.
I feel settled and content,
Then I want to rush out the door.

One moment I could climb to the mountain top,
In another fall into the sea,
One day I feel like a winner,
Another I can’t recognize me.

I am laughing at this illness,
Then crying in too much pain.
Days I hate the sun to shine,
Yet, others I hate the cold and rain.

Many don’t see it,
They don’t understand.
That the realms of this disease runs so deep,
Often you just don’t feel like making a stand.

You want to be normal,
To be a daughter, wife and Mom,
Yet you are anything but “standard”,
Your life has been robbed.

Of the days of freedom,
To do what you may,
All of those hobbies,
Somehow have drifted away.

No where to turn to,
No one can truly see.
That disdain is your new normal.
Is this how my life must always be?

Rhiannon Steele December 2012
Copyright 2012

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