Thursday, December 20, 2012

Several very interesting article have came out in the world of Lupus. I want to share those with you...

Anyone with the issues of Lupus and the skin maybe interested in this. go from this link to the next one that is posted in the article to get even more information from the Arthritis Research and Therapy Institute..

Lupus and the Skin Latest News from LRI

Here is another about Lupus and issues for women and Cardiac Problems. I have had two heart attacks and they never confirmed they were caused from the Lupus, but they suspected. The 2nd one was when I had been extremely ill and had several surgeries due to the severity of my illness at that time.

Then the next has to do with the LRI and jumping on the band wagon so to speak about insurance issues and Lupus patients.

All very good information from the LRI (Lupus Research Institute)

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