Sunday, November 3, 2013

8 Complications From Lupus...

The sad part of this is many of these "complications" are what cause severe illness, and decline of health almost more so than the Autoimmune Illnesses themselves.

Take a look at how many vital organs can be a part of this… the heart, the lungs, the kidneys, the bones, blood vessel (which I believe are considered an "organ")… and more… all of which those things can be not only life altering, but deadly!

I've had complications with osteoporosis (by the way which is considered SEVERE). I've had the skin issues, petechia, severe bruising, the "wolf Mask" the Mylar mask. I have have the horrible looking very purple rash type skin issue on my neck, and it runs up one side behind my ear of my upper neck, and then on the other side it runs up onto my jawbone, and all the way here lately around my mouth!!! I just noticed it around my mouth about a month ago. I already use sunblock, creams to fade out this mess and so forth. I found another Avon product and decided to try it. I'll be damned if I have not already noticed it fading out some. Thank goodness.

Then of course I've had not one but TWO heart attacks. Which may or not be related to the Lupus. I have a tendency to think somehow they are. I have "Lupus migraines". When I have a Lupus flare usually it begins with that damned horrible Lupus migraine… the ONLY thing to relieve it is a large dose of Solu-Medrol, a corticosteroid. Nothing else will touch it! As much pain medication as my internal pain pump delivers, no pain medication does anything. Only the steroid will take it away. It goes to proves it is an "inflammatory" type of headache. I have to wonder year ago (I had my first migraine at 17) if they had given me steroids then when I had the headaches (migraines) if they would have went away. I spent years fighting doctors for medication, ER visits over the years, losing jobs due to having them so badly, I would miss too much work)…. and so forth. I still believe my "autoimmune illnesses" began back then. I believe by the age of 20, I had many of the signs of them. But, at that time, doctors barely even knew what RA or Lupus was. Much less how to treat it. Anyway…. this is a great article… and should give many of us something to contemplate as we shop at our markets, and eat in the fast food, and also regular restaurants also. They also LOAD the salt up in their foods to make them "taste better"...

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