Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Mysterious "Lump" in my lower left Abdomen…

I have probably mentioned in posting that I've been dealing with a "lump" on the lower portion of my left abdomen. It was there about 2 months, and it seemed to be a bit larger and kind of "puffy". No pain, and I kind of blew it off at the time. But, not only did it remain, it was definitely getting larger. So, I showed my husband, and make an appointment, with PCP. Well, I saw one of his PA's. She did not seem like she could even find it at all. Even after I told her it "goes away" when I lie down, and it shows when I stand up… well she sent me for a sonogram in that area. The tech that morning I told him about the standing up, and that it I lie down, it may be difficult to find or even see. He aid me down anyway, mashed the hell out of my lower abdomen, and made me sore the next day. Yet they found "nothing"… well no way, it had to be SOMETHING!!! So, I went to my new Gynecologist last week. I asked her about it. She was kind of puzzled but she tried to see if there seemed to be anything that she may feel causing it. She did mention I had a lump, but she bought it could be an ovary that they left when I had the hysterectomy . Well, my understand was back then, they took the LEFT one OUT, and allowed the RIGHT one to remain… but that is 20 years ago and aback at that time I was not keeping my own personal medical records like I do now, thus I can't find anyone that can even remotely tell me where they are and how I would get that operative report. Anyway, still not being satisfied, I asked my heart doctor yesterday. She said she would definitely getting either back to my PCP or for another opinion. So, I called my PCP office, and I got in this morning… and as below… I was RIGHT!!! I said all along for one something is wrong and for number 2, I thought it was a hernia! Anyway, I am exhausted and my back is killing me. So, I will post more on this tomorrow a.m. :)

But, that is for ALL OF US! certainly not just myself… of course as I said partially but at least I am NOT CRAZY! A

after seeing 3 doctors that said they didn't have a clue about this lump on my left lower abdomen, I finally am RIGHT!!! There is something there. I have a damned hernia. Well, I am relieved to find out I'm not insane. But, I am not thrilled that surgery is the only thing to repair this. And get theism I have one of the right side starting. I told my doctor I though I felt a tiny one in the same place in the right, and she told me yes I have a small one that also should be fixed at the same time… so now I am waiting for a call from the surgeon's office, to set up an appt with him for consultation. Damned does it ever get BETTER???!!!!

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