Monday, November 25, 2013

"Hectic Home" for the AAI Holidays???!!!

"Hectic Holidays For All of Us in a Foggy Brain Haze!"

ONE HECK OF A TYPICAL MONDAY MORNING! 50 plus things to do and I don't know where to begin first! With this being a holiday weekend, which for us as far as the "day" itself, is not all that much trouble. We are taking Mom and going over to Waxahachie to eat at the buffet there at Ryans'... and more than likely we are headed to Winstar for XMAS!!!! I have a new coupons for 2 nights if we wanted to stay in their NEWEST 500 room HOTEL!! I hear it is fabulous! ;) Of course that is a while away. That will depend on weather how all of us feel etc. If we do we can't go but 1 night. I would not leave my dogs but for one night alone. They already have separation anxiety if just one of us leaves for an hour. So one night with us gone is about all they can handle. Even at that it is gotten to where we have to keep them only in our kitchen. We started having issues about a year ago with them peeing where they are not supposed to. Both of both have been house broken for years and years. But, something went on with them a while ago, that every once in a while for no reason one of them will pee in the floor, like behind our sofa etc. I have tried everything, but they get better. Like now this past few weeks has been so much better. But sometimes they will start it and do that for weeks, and then they seem to stop again. So we just don't just in leaving them if we are both gone for an entire day or so with the run of the house anymore. We did for a very long time, until this issue came along. IN fact they have gotten a bit older and I hate going off even over night without one os us here. But, they are always very safe and my kitchen area is huge! So, they are not just crammed in a tiny spot. They have lots of room in my kitchen. Anyway, enough of my moaning and groaning... then either I am having a flare start, or I am just too stressed. I am just on overwhelm.. and I know all of us are. The holidays are an incredibly stressful time for everyone! Then when you are chronically ill, with Autoimmune Arthritic  illnesses such as RA, Lupus, Sjogren's, plus the other hundreds of these diseases & that includes those with chronic pain on top of the entire ordeal,  it puts our "stress" into a whole new category!!!  Then add on how your entire "schedule" gets all turned upside down. For instance, I have a "set" time everyday that I take my medications and eat something for "breakfast". Well that is after the 1ST ONE with all of the pills, as my husband says. Then I also have a set time or day of the week that I clean, mop, sweep, even water my plants, and so forth. Well, this past couple of weeks from all of the "added and unexpected stuff" as in weather change so dramatically, Mom and a medication issue, my computer crapping out on me, Jim and his shoulder still not well, I am not feeling ll that well myself, and the list of "extra and unexpected" just just hindering the "regular" one. Then I had gotten blown out of the water with the holidays so quickly upon us! I haven't written my annual "Christmas Letter", there is fudge to make;  fruitcake that needs to be made early so it takes up all of the flavors. That doesn't include the other one of many things I am just now thinking of, which is we usually make "goodies" that we either put in a basket or a decorative tin. WE take those on Christmas Eve to our close neighbors (about 6 homes) and have made that one of our traditions for Christmas! Then I JUST remembered (another THING forgotten due to my COMPUTER crapping out) is our ANNUAL Sleigh Bell by Wallace we order every year. Since the first Christmas we were together we started buying these sliver and gold sleigh bells made by Wallace Silversmith's. In fact last yesterday we "celebrated" 10 YEARS of them! In fact they added a little note inside the one last year about they saw the we had ordered from them every year.  Actually a store in Kent WA that we found the first Xmas called Silver Superstore. That year it was so late and almost Christmas by the time we found them, that we got the very last one they had for that year. So, now they email me about 2 months ahead of time as a reminder. Well, until a moment ago, I had forgotten that I had not ordered it yet. Som I just told Jim while we were standing on the front porch I needed to come in and order it before they rub out. Low and Behold in my inbox, there was a reminder for me so I would not forget to order it!!! Now call that "ESP" or not... anyway I sure as hack just ordered it! :) If we do NOTHING else we made a promise that we would ALWAYS get our Sleigh Bell no matter what. :)

So, as I make out my TO DO LISTS, and the LISTS to "remind" me about my lists... and that list to make sure I don't forget about all of the other lists... I realize that in "reality" I am going to have to take one breath at a time, do ONE thing at a time, and also "step" into these moments to know there is no way I can do it all. Either I need to "cut" some things down smaller, or less, possibly try to NOT do some things, and then NOT feel "guilty" because I could not do it all.

As much as I sure as heck (like EACH of you) want to think I am "super human" especially with all of my "bionic" parts, one would think I was Super Human... I am admit I'm not... no longer can I do it all, be it all, make EVERYONE happy all the time, and be able to go on and not stop to find out I am just worn to nothing and come into a huge flare. Which I fear I am having now. Between sudden cracks in the corners of my mouth, my throat soar, and feeling just out of it... I feel as if I am definitely 'flaring" .
So I remind YOU! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOU FIRST!!!! I know, I know, we hear it constantly... but if we don't we honestly not of help to anyone if we make ourselves ill. So, some times as difficult as it is to say NO... that two letter word needs to be a GRAND word in our vocabulary.

I close for now in saying, that we are super at all the things we DO get done! We are NOT a disappointment if we aren't able to do it all.

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