Monday, November 4, 2013

GREAT NEWS!!! A Monday with good news!!! (what an OXYMORON)

Mondays for many of us suck. There is always something that needs to be done, whether work calls upon you, "house work", errands, the market or whatever it is… For me today I have a visit with my Cardiologist this afternoon. It is just a "routine" follow up, but still it is a doctors visit. In fact I am a little nervous about it, because I need to ask her about a new medication that was suggested to me by my GYN. It is NOT "estrogen" at all, but it does mimic what estrogen does for us women around menopause and its ridiculous things it can cause to happen to our bodies.

Anyway, since I've had two heart attacks, I knew I should ask her about it before actually getting the script and filling it. So, I am anxious to find out what she says. There are other "ways" to handle this, but I am not good at things like creams, and the like. None of us like to mess with those kinds of things… they are messy, difficult to use, or are for me, and I just hope the pill will be okay for me.

Anyway, the GREAT news is that (and I won't give details) yet… but it appears I and my blog will get to be "on" an extremely important site! It is a dream I have wanted to fulfill and never knew quite how. But, patience is a virtue! It was just that I needed to wait until the right place for me and my blog happened. :) I am just so elated! :):) When all of the details are worked out, I will post more about it, and let everyone know where I and my blog will be etc!

I appreciate those who "follow" me…. you are the ones that keep on keeping me on!


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