Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Great Articles How Lupus effects the Body, RA Myths,

The link above takes you to a great article that explains how Lupus effects the body in so many ways. It is very plain spoken and easy to understand. For those of you just starting out with Lupus, or one of the other thousands of Autoimmune Illnesses, and you maybe trying to have family and friends understand also, this may prove to have some very useful information in it.

This one kind of helps to rid us of some of the various "wives tales" and rumor we hear a great deal about when it comes to RA...

Crohn's Disease and Colitis also hit those with other Autoimmune related illnesses and/or can be a huge issue for many as "free standing" illnesses. I found this article interesting on some new medication showing promise for these two...


I think most of us know taking an annual flu vaccine is just a smart thing to do. Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness or not, at the rate our flu bugs tend to change and alter themselves, staying on top with the latest vaccination is just smart. Although when you are dealing with either chronic illnesses, or something like have had a prior heart attack, things such as these types of immunizations may prove to save you from another possibly. The article above talks about if getting your flu shot could possibly help to prevent a "heart attack"?

Trying to catch up a little here on my blog. I have been so completely covered up with all of our own "drama" with especially medical stuff, that I feel I have not been here to post as I usually do. So, I shall try to get much of this on here for all of you.... have a good rest of the week... I pray wherever you are reading this, you are either safe from wild fires or drought, safe from flooding and down pours, safe from sink holes, and hurricanes... severe thunderstorms, snow, sleet and all of the other crazy Mother Nature's "little games" that are not so little at all going on... Rhia

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