Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"TIS THROUGH!!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH and THEY WON FINALLY.... I am no longer willing or able to fight them!

I CANNOT even begin to say just how UPSET, READY TO THROW IN THE TOWEL, FORGET ALL OF THIS CRAP ENTIRE MESS!!! I THOUGHT I had REACHED MY LIMIT last week, but YESTERDAY TAKES THE CAKE FOR ME!!!! My Pain specialist feels I NEED a Epidural Steroid Injection. He thinks we MAY see me get RELIEF from this INTRACTABLE PAIN I have been in again for for more WEEKS!!!! So, I go in last Friday for the "formality" of an office visit so he can get the "approval" through Humana for the procedure. Well, I had not heard by yesterday and I knew he wanted to do this injection ASAP, which means FRIDAY this week when he does his procedures! I call them, and the woman that does all of that said they "submitted" the forms, and are talking back and forth to Humana about this. So, in other words, sounds like my doctors office is doing their job. But, since that have not gotten AN APPROVAL, I told her I WOULD CALL also to see if I could help rush things up a little. If I don't get it approved by TODAY (Wed.) then I won't be put on the schedule and will have to wait until a WEEK FROM FRIDAY to be in pain!!!! So I call Humana. I get the same old run a round, sent her, sent there, need to talk to "prior" authorizations, which is where I was supposed to be anyway. I get another woman in "Prior" Authorizations, that tells me, well, I need to send you over to our "Pain Prior Authorization 3RD PARTY UNIT!!!) Now I am trying in my mind to decide what the hell that is! I knew Humana had done some things with "pain management" but SUPPOSEDLY TO HELP PATIENTS! BULL SHI^%!! I get there, not knowing "who" I am talking to. And some snot nosed girl, who had not a compassionate bone in her body tells me, "Well, your authorization was received last Friday. Okay and.... WE "denied" it yesterday"!!!! WHAT! My doctor said nothing!!! THEN I ASK WHY??!!! By this time I am almost hysterical. I am standing here in more pain than I can even describe. I just got through with a dental appt I could NOT afford and I still am so hoarse I can barely speak, and trying to get well enough to even go to the dentist and have the injection, and here this woman is telling me THIS.... "Well, YOU have an IMPLANTED PAIN PUMP, thus YOU DO NOT NEED INJECTIONS for PAIN! YOU HAVE PAIN CONTROL!!! Now, by this time, I am ready to throw the phone across the room, I am so hoarse I cannot utter ONE word to this insanity, and then she begins her "speech" about APPEAL!!! HELL APPEAL??? I DO NOT HAVE WEEKS!!! to get these INJECTIONS! And what the hell does me having a pain pump due with my back possibly having compressed nerves and inflammation, bone spurs etc in it??? So, JUST AS I SAID THIS PAST WEEK, NOW it is where it it a POLITICAL GAME with PATIENTS LIVES! I finally did enough research to find this "3RD PARTY" that does Humana's "pain management". They are ORTHO-NET!!! BELIEVE ME HUMANA had that information BURIED!!! I had to do some digging to find all of this out, but they have some "outside" agency, that is nothing but a bunch of "pencil" pushers, how have NO CLUE and DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHETHER I DIE OR LIVE!!! That is the truth! These people are getting Humana A DOLLAR OR TWO "SAVED", yes saved all right, while WE AS PATIENTS have to SUFFER THROUGH THEIR PENNY PINCHING GREED!! THIS is also part of 'OBAMA CARE"!!! THIS is WHY I was saying about the PETITION, WE HAVE GOT TO STOP THIS AT CONGRESS!!! Between all of the bickering and sitting and DOING NOTHING! THEY HAVE SCREWED US FOR SURE!!! I cannot say just how upset I am! As you can see I only slept about 3 hours and there is no way I can CONTINUE TO LIVE LIKE THIS!!! My "pain pump" is NOT for ACUTE pain, or NEW PAIN like a compression fracture. It is like denying to give you blood pressure medication one day since your blood pressure seems to look normal. Or telling a diabetic, well right now your blood sugar is good, so you do NOT need insulin!!! Or saying, okay well, you only have 2 gallstones, so YOU can HANG on until there are more!! I know it sounds insane, but THINK OF ALL THE WAYS this EFFECTS NOT JUST ME BUT YOU!!! I AM BEYOND the place of GIVING UP!!! I am way PAST THE TEARS, THE BEING PISSED, ETC.... I am just going to sit on my sofa, AND WITHER AWAY IN PAIN...NO MORE... I CANNOT TAKE NOT ONE MORE DAY OR ONE MORE PERSON WHO DOES NOT KNOW ME, telling me oh, you are all right you have a "pain pump"... I have had it.... THEY HAVE WON!!!!

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