Monday, August 19, 2013

It Continues to Get WORSE for Legitimate Pain Patients!

This article is just one more example of how the "few" out there doing WRONG can make legitimate people's lives a living hell. I have seen more stories over the weekend of the very circumstance we are dealing with. IT continues to baffle the hell out of me though, as to WHY a family doctor, who has KNOWN you family for 5 or 6 YEARS... would just NOT SPEAK! No explanation, nothing... not a phone call, nothing but a "form" letter, that he probably did not even sign or read, just sent out like you were some stranger off the street. It is insanity! I know "they" as doctors have their own "reasons" as to why they handle things like they do. I have already went over all of that in my head. BUT!!! IT STILL does NOT make it RIGHT! AND it is the most unprofessional way to handle a patient I have ever seen. Now, due to him being my personal doctor and my Mom's, plus several others I know here in town, WE ALL feel very UNCOMFORTABLE GOING to him... yet after you are an ESTABLISHED patient... that has such a very long medical history with so many complications as I do, thinking about even trying to get another doctor to UNDERSTAND all of my ILLNESSES and treatments... is crazy! Sure they can, but who in their right mind wants to take what "is working", and try to make such a huge change???
If I were a patient that had the "usual" visits. Flu, normal things you go for, blood pressure, physicals, and the occasional stuff, going to a new physician is not that difficult. BUT, when you have SCORES OF symptoms, due to SEVERAL CHRONIC illnesses, trying to "train" (for lack of a better term) a new doctor is a job! It would take a new PCP months and months to even READ MY RECORDS! Much less understand ALL that my current PCP does for me... So, that is another huge issue.... This could be so different if it would have been handled properly. Now I am left in a lurch not really knowing how to handle it all. EVERYONE in that office has acted STRANGE EVEN before the letter went out... to my entire family... and we "felt" something wrong, but did not know what.... and how can I look him in the eye (I am supposed to see him for a follow up on Lupus next week) and in fact have blood work done tomorrow there at the office. If I don't have the myoglobin checked he probably won't refill my muscle relaxers.. see so it runs into huge issues with my own health.

Here is another article that appeared this weekend.... same thing

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