Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Entry - I FINALLY realized not one soul cares what I write - and I am a FOOL!

It FINALLY after half my life is over, that I am done, over and a damned old fool. I have spent all my life writing crap that not one soul cares about reading. Why I have spent and wasted time on it, I don't know. I guess we all think we should have something "good" we do. Well, I should stick to crocheting or something at least I have to show for it..

I know no body reads this so it does not matter, but I am also closing down both of my books... I will no longer embarrass myself or my family with them being up... so you no longer have to "watch" me be a stupid idiot... and my posts will not be anymore... if I feel some body else has something to say, I will post their stuff, and give them the credit they deserve... and to my dear friend who does have talent and much that people want to hear... I am so proud of you... you are a beautiful talented woman, with a huge career in front of her... I pray the illness bids itself goodbye so you can pursue even more that touch so many..... Rhia

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