Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quality of Life - EVERYONE Deserves It!

I am still so completely puzzled as to why all of a sudden with no warning, all of this nightmare comes down on patients? Of course we have known about Florida and all of the "fake clinics", "fake pharmacies... and even the issue with WG I guess being fined for not watching more closely about medications and who is getting them. But that STILL does NOT explain WHY long-term, contract following, knowing the medical records and health records well, having all the proof in the world that a patient is definitely "in horrid chronic pain".. doctors would be under so much pressure they absolutely STOP even talking to their patients. Honestly, this makes things WORSE not better at all! MOST patients if sat down and explained to that a doctor must stop seeing them for the pain issues, but they will continue their meds for a month, or help them at least step down a little on the meds until they can get a physician, and tell people WHY in the heck it is happening, you will get MORE FLIES with HONEY than with VINEGAR!! You are talking about PEOPLE'S VERY CORE LIVES HERE!!! People in communities that know everyone, and everyone seems to know everyone else's business. And if you destroy their "reputation" by making it appear this person is some kind of pusher etc... how do you expect that family, that person to walk into their local stores? How are they supposed to "work" and help make a living, if the pain is so bad they cannot? Who is going to pay the bills? Who is going to be a "care taker" of someone they have at home with many severe chronic health issues? PAIN often is SILENT as far a just "seeing" a person out in public. Pain patients DO NOT GO OUT when the pain is TOO BAD!!! THEY STAY BEHIND CLOSED DOORS TRYING TO COPE! ONLY when a person "feels better", is having a "good day" and the Illness (not just pain BUT OTHER SYMPTOMS WITH ALONG WITH IT) are not as "obvious"... which makes things worse. If you "do not look" ill, people assume you are "well'...I ask what does a chronically ill patient supposed to "look like" in public??? Of course we have good days, with less symptoms, and we cherish those days. We CAN possibly make it to buy a few groceries, or pick up our medications. We can walk around our yards, enjoying outside, we can go see a friend, or go out to eat... but those days are rare and precious! So, think about when you see someone you KNOW i chronically ill... I bet there are times YOU DO NOT see them for days, weeks, even months.... IT is just not pain, it is severe fatigue, severe stomach problems, severe headaches, brain fog, fevers, not being able to be around "sick" people. other medications that may make you feel lousy, hundreds of other issues besides "pain" that keeps us "hidden" until we have a "feel somewhat human" day again... The days that you go you do not even feel like taking a shower.. the thought of just even putting your legs in just wears you out, the days that you are on the verge of wanting to scream, sit in the floor and cry, you beg God or anyone to help you, the double vision, the scars from many surgeries, you can't be in the sun, you can't run, you can't do things "normal" people do, you do not feel like putting makeup on, or fixing your hair, or even seeing anyone. Your pale, your unable to think, you can't even find words to describe what you are trying to say, you drop things constantly, you can't remember where you parked, or what your pin number is, or what stores's debit system works which way. You have to make a list, to remind you of your lists of lists, you have sticky notes all over the house to "remind" you of everything. You battle all of the many demons of going to doctors, taking a handful of pills (not pain but others) daily just to make sure you don't get thrush, an infection, that your heart works right, that your anxiety does not get the best of you, that your muscles do not spasm so bad you can stand it, that the joints that are "not" replaced yet try and work right... ALL things "chronically ill" deal with. Then you have those with kidney failure, lung issues, heart issues, and if you have had a HEART ATTACK then dealing with TOO MUCH PAIN for TOO LONG can bring on ANOTHER MI! I was speaking with my Mom the other day, and she talked about an article she read where a woman had been in so much pain, for so long, and she was just not able to get anyone to help her, that she jumped off a building. EVERYONE has their own "breaking point"... Some have strong thresholds, other their thresholds for pain, anxiety, and stress are much lower... and when you put a person that is trying their best to deal with chronic illness and do the "right thing" in order to have some type of quality of life, and you JERK AWAY the very thing that gives them QUALITY OF LIFE, what do you think they are going to do? There is going to be an epidemic of other health issues, the stress and strain on chronically ill patients bodies is already over the top. Then you bring in more stressors of life, like not being able to get their proper meds, and that is enough to make them now want to deal with it anymore... it is harsh, but it is the truth... as I said everyone has their BREAKING POINT... So, this "battle" is not just about medications for pain, it is about the very core of giving quality of life to everyone.. And taking away something people honestly need to get that much needed quality is just unfathomable at the very least...

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