Saturday, August 3, 2013

Osteoporosis! Why have my physicians NOT told me about these??? Medications to help "regrow" bone.

THIS IS SUCH incredible news!!! BUT< WHY have my DOCTORS NOT TOLD ME abut it????? I have SEVERE osteoporosis!!! That is even what my "test" says on my radiological reading. I have been on the medication to just hopefully help me to not get a fracture. BUT, it DOES NOT do what these two medications do!!! And talk about being a candidate for this therapy! My pain doctor suspects I may have a "compression" fracture in my lumber spine!!! That is why he is supposed to be doing epidural steroid injections next week. Well, a compression fracture of the spine is caused by osteoporosis. And I do not have to "do" anything. As many of you laides know that are dealing with this also. You can be sitting on your sofa and a vertebra can decide to "fall apart". Due to the severe brittlenes of our bones, you can be walking along and your hip break. I have a friend of the family this just happened to. She was walking in her hall way at home, and she lives alone, and her hip broke!!! It is nuts! Also, with the daily dose of prednisone I am on for the RA/Lupus that is another huge factor in taking this. I am the "double indemnity" patient... I have BOTH!!! And at my age I do NOT want to begin having my spine compress just because of nothing, if I can do something to avoid it!!! I hope any of you with this tell your doctors also. I am taking this to my Rheumatologist next week when I have my appointment. I am going to almost demand they try and get my insurance to "approve" it if I need certain things. I certainly meet the "criteria" and more... I will say that you have to have this by injection once monthly. So, you may be giving yourself a shot, and I am not sure if they have it "combined" yet, or you take both once a month. I figure it is once a month for each of them. Well, I already do that with my Vitamin B monthly and I do it weekly with the Humira, so nothing new for me... I will also attach the 2 URL"S that tell about these medications..
Here are the two URL's to the medications for all that want to know.

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