Tuesday, September 3, 2013

National Pain Awareness Month and What you Can do...

All of the links below are about September being National Pain Awareness Month! It is a very special time we can all cry out in ONE VOICE, and be heard through out the nation and the world! I hope you join in, even in your own small way, or huge way to help us get the word out there. We are not some "idiots", or "junkies" looking for medications. We are not "lunatics", "depressed", "hypochondriac's" wanting attention, we are not "doctor seekers" just needing a doctors attention, we are not trying to ruin anyone's lives, or make yours worse... we are true chronic pain patients, no different from diabetics, those with high blood pressure, or any other type of "chronic" life long, life altering illness. The ONLY issue with us is that there is NOT ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE OUT THERE! There are not enough researchers, because pain is a huge challenge. A challenge for those in it, and a challenge for those trying to help cure it. It is far worse than many cancers, because with pain, chronic pain, you never "see" an end in sight. You know each day there is no "cure" right now, and you must wake up and face the day again, and again, and learn to "cope" the best way possible. We are your everyday faces, your bankers, nurses, lawyers, hard ware store workers, those that wait on you in the restaurants, or in your local retail store.... PAIN does not discriminate other than it seems to strike more WOMEN than men for reasons we still only guess at. So, it is OUR month to once again SPEAK, TELL, SHOW & try to find RESOLVE WITH THIS life altering, life stealing illness!







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