Friday, September 13, 2013

Fixing The World??!!

I can't believe it is Friday! This has been another one of those mess up weeks for me. Between going for the infusion, and feeling like I lost a day there, then everything else going on, plus feeling like hell physically, I just do not know where the time goes any longer. It seems each day passes by faster than the last. I know I get to where I wished I would not even listen to the news anymore. I rarely read much of it in the mornings now. It is so terribly upsetting to see all of the hateful, greedy, wrathful, rumors of war, people harming their own people, Mother Nature's destruction one after the other, and our leaders have NO CLUE how to handle what they need to do in order to put this country back together again!, that it just makes me sick to my stomach to see or hear about it. You have to ask yourself "WHY"? Of course many of us already know that answer... it is because of the greed, lying, stealing, vengeful, hateful, and that list continues of those who could care less about the fellow human, and are all for themselves. Whether one person or a huge corporation, GREED has taken this world OVER. From the Middle East, to the USA GREED is ruling us! If you don't believe it, read, really READ or listen to the news. I can guarantee your conclusion will be much like mine... people (not all we still have some good ones left) but as a whole... as a society in all do not give a damned about their neighbor. Hell they do not care about their own relatives! Until we get out of this "me", all for "me" kind of mentality, nothing is going to change. All we shall see is the destruction of everything that has been built up over the past couple of hundred years. Technology cannot save us, the moon and stars cannot save us, having big homes, luxury cars, and lots of money in the bank shall not save us, fighting war against others will not fix us... ONLY WE, as human beings can FIX what is wrong. Until the "mental" part of humanization changes, NOTHING will get resolved. Yes, I guess that is my wrath for today... that is not what I came to say, but it is what came forth as I typed. so I shall allow it to remain.... Have a good weekend... Rhia

After reading a post from a friend that posted on FB, this is my new post for Saturday morning in regard to hers...

Thank you so much Carole! I appreciate your candid take on what the heck is going on with the nation and the world. It is frightening when you fear even taking a look at the headlines of the paper, or opening the internet front page of your favorite online place to read the news. Gosh, speaking of, Wow, what a blow to the East Coast again!!! To believe that the iconic Seaside Park there in NJ took another hit, this time with fire. I was just staring in disbelief when we started to watch the news yesterday evening. Those people have been through so much! On the other hand you look at Colorado, Boulder and so many towns around it, and their they are, have 70 plus people missing with flood waters that appear to look like raging rivers, where only a trickle was flowing just a couple of days ago. I have just been really concerned for one word to use, over "Mother Nature" and her "wrath".... from the wildfires that are burning up what seems to be half the West, and portions of the Rockies and Mountain Time states, to the severe droughts like this one in  TX, that has almost the entire state in an emergent place. We are literally burning up everything around. In my small town, where trees that are over 100 years old stand, they are almost bare of leaves. I look at my beautiful crepe myrtles, that are usually in a wondrous bloom of hot pink, and they barely bloomed this year. In fact they were so barren of leaves, we got to see more birds nests and baby birds than ever this Summer. But the sad part is, because the trees have such thinning of their leaves, that it is so easy to spot the nests. That is frightening. We have already lost a HUGE pecan tree on our back "40" as we call our big lot behind our house. It was probably 50 years old or older, and half of it was dead at the beginning of Spring. Now the entire tree looks like a dry huge mass of sticks. It has just lost every green piece that was on it. Then our Hackberry trees that everyone plant's here because they can withstand these conditions and they grow so quickly, all of a sudden look "diseased". They already are not the prettiest trees because they have a "knot" that forms on their leaves, that makes them look funny, but now, every one even in our neighbor's yards appear like they are so sick they also might just die. I thought they were covered in web worms, but when I looked closer, I think it is just disease from the drought. I fear spraying them due to the terrible condition they are in for fear they may not withstand any type of poison on them like that. It just breaks my heart to drive through town, and see how many iconic trees we have lost, or are going to lose if we do not get rain quickly. That does not include all of the flowers, shrubs, bushes, that everyone has been taking care of and had them looking so good. Things are are the most hardy for TX, that should withstand anything are withering away in the dry, rainless heat. That in itself is scary enough. Then the state of everything else around the globe from more hurricanes, tornado's, huge ice storms, more and more places with either drought conditions of more flooding, or fires. It seems every where you turn there is some type of disaster happening. I just even despise getting started on the state of our nation and the world. I never remember being this concerned about just what state our country is in morally, mentally, emotionally, financially... it is not just the fact that we are a nation that used to be the leader, and now we are "broke"... but the moral and mental dilemma that so many are in. More and More people are turning into depressed individuals that are desperate for jobs, for money to take care of their families, for educating our kids, for getting out of the wars and staying at peace for a change... none of us want war... I feel everyone would greatly settle for peace for a change. Yet, our government continues to put us in a place of war everywhere we turn. I do realize the hatred we have seen abroad, with the killing of many, many innocent lives should NOT be tolerated. Yet, we can't even get our own nation in order, why and how do we expect to get another country "fixed" when we ourselves are broke, still at war elsewhere, and have enough violence we need to end here first. I do agree that whomever is using chemical weapons on anyone needs to be stopped and punished in some way, and we should never allow them to "get by" with such horrendous actions. Yet, we are allowing some of almost the same kinds of behavior here. MORE guns??? Hell we need to "disarm" America first! I can't believe in towns where mass murders with guns have happened that they want "more guns"... schools do not need more guns.... more is NOT the answer... taking up the weapons that only belong in a war zone, the battlefield, or possibly some in the police hands and getting them out of the hands of citizens is the first thing that shall help to stop these insidious crimes against humans. Allowing hundreds of bullets of almost totally automatic weapons like used in war being on our streets is certainly never a good spot to be in. If we had NONE of those as some countries have done, ban all of them. We would not have the issue of them falling into the wrong hands of killers, and those that mentally are insane. Why we cannot find a way to agree on that one is beside me...

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