Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Honor, and Giving Those Lost All of the Glory... 9/11

As I pause for a brief moment, after another day of "junk" in life, I think about the men, women and children we lost on 9/11/11. Honestly, I feel there are no words that can truly describe that horrendous act upon our people, and it has effected each and every one of us, and for the rest of our lives, we shall think back to that fateful day. I find myself often looking over my shoulder, or turning my head to look around my surroundings when it is in a huge venue. However it "hit" you, I am sure you are very much the same. Of course the "danger" of that day has never ending. Those lives were taken for no good reason, on a "regular" day for the nation, people going to work, kids to school, and doing all of the things we expect to do on a sunny normal day in September. Yet, today, those thousands are not here to look at the leaves turning. They are not here to see the Fall colors that shall be here soon, or the excitement of football season and watching the games to cheer their teams on. They are not here to go to music or dance lessons, or practice their cheers for cheer leading. They will never again study for a chemistry test, or fill out applications for college. Each and every one of those special lives shall not get to allow "freedom to ring" in their own hearts again. We put a beautiful place there to remember them by, and it is incredible. We can put flowers out by there names, and give our honor, and those lost the glory, as the fire fighters and police men, charged in knowing they may never return, along with the every day men and women that stayed to help, rather than run from the dirty breath sucking rolls of all kinds of stuff in the air... So, WE united as ONE NATION, need to take a very GOOD LOOK back at that fateful day. We need to stop our BICKERING (meaning our government) and start taking CARE OF EACH OTHER AS A WHOLE!!! It should have been a very big lesson, one that cost more than money could ever buy... that it is time to get our stuff together, and unite our nation, and then ONLY can we unite the world!!!!

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