Monday, September 16, 2013

The World Has Lost IT Totally!

I am so dumbfounded by once again the rampant violence that rages through our nation that I almost turned off the news this evening. Another, yes, ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING! Right here on our own "home" land, by one of our OWN! One that is supposed to be "protecting" us, not KILLING US!!! As they "named" off just how many of these types of killings in our country there have been just in the past couple of years, it made me nauseous. How can we sit by and just not even care anymore? We have to have just become completely complacent in our own feelings and emotions for human life or we would be raising hell to strong enough to get the guns laws changed and changed for the better! Ridding us of weapons in those hands that do not belong. No automatic weapons at all. Now I know exactly what the "gun lovers" of this world are thinking. He had a"right" to have a gun. He was in the "Army Reserves"...OH NO he did not! He was NOT on a battle field. HE was No place that a gun even needed to be. In the first place, how can someone that has shown a state of anger management issues in his past, along with a couple of incidents with guns get a gun in his hands in the Army Reserves at all? Or for his personal use? If the job of thorough and proper background checks were in place and used, plus put in a data base where ALL could check, this man would have never been even allowed in the Reserves! It is evident he has past issues that show he should not be in any situation that he could come into a violent issue. He did not have the reasoning to be able to handle a situation such as that. Yet, there he was, not only spent years right here in Ft. Worth TX working in the Air Force Base with the reserves, and then all of a sudden he is in Washington D.C. within a place that most would consider one of the most secure spots as far as people and checks, plus checks, plus more checks to get into your job each day. Yet, just like the others, somehow he was able to get by those check spots with a gun or guns and use them to kill a DOZEN, another dozen innocent lives have been lost needlessly, senselessly, for nothing. This shall effect lives, and more lives forever. This shall effect spouses, children, grand children, friends... the rest of their lives... and over nothing. Because he was upset over a job? Many of us lose jobs, many of us have been between work, or even out of work for months, perhaps a year or more now, yet we are not out murdering innocent people over it. We cannot put "blame" on one person usually when a job is lost now days. It is the entire society, it is our own financial world, globally and the GREED THAT EXISTS that is what is ruining our jobs. Those that just can't get enough... they want MORE AND WANT TO DO LESS TO GET IT! Those are the ones that are to be blamed for much of our situation.
Then on top of that, we hear again that Boulder CO and many small towns around it have continued to be literally obliterated by so much rushing water, many of the communities have not even been gotten to yet. Lots of people are somewhere out there, without anyone that has been able to look for them due to the constant rain and storms. Can we afford to sit around and wonder why? Well look around you... Mother Nature's "wrath" is because of our own making. We have constantly, put filth in our lands, air, and water. We have polluted with chemicals, poisons, pouring out things in our air that makes me wonder how any of us breathe. Our water so filthy that ours in my home town smells like bleach due to them trying to clean it up enough for us to drink it. Our animals full of "growth hormones", and our crops filled with all kinds of chemicals to make them grow more, produce quicker, same with with all of our animals... chickens that grow breasts 4 times the size of a "normal chicken" in a matter of weeks. Why? Because we have literally overfilled our world so full of people and then concrete, taking our precious land, and building all of the buildings so we do not have even a place to grow food, and produce proper animals to eat. It is nuts... it is insanity... All of it... I usually do not say much about "the End", about the "coming of our time"... about "getting our lives in order" because Someone is coming... and Coming soon... Whomever you call your own "HigherPower" look around you... at the greed, the lust, the anger, the lies, all of the hatred, the violence, and all of the crap we do to cause more and more catastrophic weather events... just count the ones this year already.... and all of us... better have our hearts and souls where they need to be because, my Own "HigherPower"... is coming. I know it as well as I know my own name... I feel it, I see it all around... He is coming soon... when, the day, the moment, none of us know that... but soon.....

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