Thursday, September 26, 2013

Same Answers - Makes I guess NO Sense When You "Feel" your Life Disrputed...

More "NO" News of course....

Well, I get the same basic answers from every doctor. It is "Lupus" , yet it is more than likely Lupus mixed in with MS, RA, Sjogren's, Raynauds, probably FM or CFS to boot...IN other words THEY HAVE RAN OUT OF DIAGNOSIS on me!!! this doctor wants to order another CT Scan and I just had one in March! I know as well as him and the other doctors, a CT scan is useless as far as the brain, MS lesions, or any type of disorder of the muscles and so forth. ONLY a MRI can give them what they need maybe (some do not help at all, yet the people have MS etc) So, it is a waste of time and MONEY Those suckers cost me 200.00 EVERY time! And right now I need one on my hips, which will help with that problem. He says he thinks I have some type of "muscle" disease going on... but it is separate from the memory loss, etc... thus the CT, and then he wanted a carotid artery sonogram, which I had one about a year ago, thus I see my heart doctor Monday so I will ask her. She did the last one, and I bet she says it is not necessary. And even though I just had a entire mountain of blood work done, he wanted another test! I asked about Myasthenia Gravis and there is a blood test for it. But that means a trip to our hospital and probably another co-pay there. I am ready to call it Done, DONE DONE... I "might" have them all and guess what I am ON THE VERY MEDICATION they would use for them anyway!!! So, why the hell am I getting worse??? Again The Lupus!!!! Right now I am utterly pissed at the Wolf"!!!!!!

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