Saturday, September 7, 2013

More on Chronic Pain Awareness Month...

There are many things you can do to bring more awareness as to how this illness brings life down to "Zero" at times when the pain is bad. It harms not just the person with it, but their entire lives. family, friends, activities... relationships... everything suffers... jobs, schooling... whatever you are doing in your life is effected by this horrid disease.  The issues remains even many doctors have no clue how to address these types of issues. There are many underlying causes of chronic pain, and chronic illnesses... all of which can be complicated, and can be piled one on the other. If you have Lupus, then more than likely, you can have RA, Raynaud's, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, FM, and the list goes on.. all of which have their own set of side effects and symptoms from rotting your teeth, to severe unyielding pain at times. You can be severely fatigued for weeks, days, or months. You can gain weight or lose weight. You can have such brain fog you are unable to even think, much less do a job right... all in the name of Chronic illness and pain... so we MUST get the word out... more and more of everyone need to know and UNDERSTAND the workings of these... without that research, hope, and a cure will never exist... so take a moment to tell someone, put signs in your car windows, I did. I printed these we have online and taped them in my back car window last night, along with on my front door at home... make flyers if you can put them out... hand out a card you make, take a flyer to doctors offices for them to hand out... do something, sign a petition, make a petition, write your own letters, or emails... make a call... do something... there is lots you can do, right at your own desk, that can make a difference... share the pics on FB with your friends.... but just do something!

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