Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fullness Arising...

Been awhile since I got inspiration for a poem... and the full moon usually gives me just that... so here is a new poem.... Rhia

Fullness Arising...

The wax and wane of a Full Moon rising,
In a circle forever, bringing feelings so enticing!
Some say the risen full moons even hazy..
Makes many people act "off" as if they were crazy.

The "pull" of tides, the realms are often unknown...
Yet, the heavens more and more almost call us home.
Life is a constant revolution...
In a Full Moon will be find a solution?

About how man's soul can be so pure...
And how much drama can one person endure?
Do we "hear" the cry coming from the moon?
Will we move on beyond and leave this Earth soon?

So many questions that go unanswered,
Even "good" could lead to certain hazard.
Breaking down in the pure high pitched glow,
Tell me the truth, do we reap what we sow?

We are the ones that can bring happy endings...
And also there are those only with drama rendering,
Only in the black ink darkness can it shine,
Many darkened souls, now not so divine.

They lead us to where we think we should go,
But do you follow in the full moon's glow?
Or it that a place that should be forevermore protected?
Will we all be not good enough, and all be rejected?

Can we take our natural good from within...
To leave behind the pain of all sin.
Will be finally come to rest in that place,
Where love abounds, and we shall stand in grace?

When I see the glow under a Full moon tonight...
I almost see that heavenly place in the sky...
Where soon no sorrow, no hatred, no sickness will be...
As all the bad melts away; to leave us peace for you and for me.

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