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Invisible Illness and Chronic Pain Awareness... more information... and the dilemma caused by some

I just get fighting mad when I read these kind of articles, as well as know the horrid things we, as chronic true pain patients go through to be able to have a better quality of life. Dammit, yes I must take pain medication that is very strong. Yet, without it, I honestly believe I would die. Why?? Because there would be absolutely no way I could withstand the horrid intractable burning, stabbing, unrelenting type of pain I go through without something to help it not be so bad. Yes, and I did say "not be so bad"... NO amount of any kind of pain medication is going to take away "all of the pain". I "live" with a learned amount. All of us do. I don't care if you take aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, or one of the various narcotic pain medications, it only stops so much of the pain, the rest is what you have to learn to deal with daily. I have SO MANY various chronic illnesses there is NO WAY I can be totally without pain daily. From RA, Lupus, Degenerative Joint and Disc Disease, Migraines, Osteoporosis, Osteo-arthritis, MS, and all of the multiple joints I have either had to have replaced already, or the ones that are getting to that place, like my thumbs, elbows and hips... that are going to be there soon, even "fixing" those still does not rid you of it all. BUT, YOU CAN HAVE A LIFE, and you can WITHSTAND IT, IF you can HAVE RELIEF FROM YOUR PAIN MEDICATIONS!! They along with my other types of medications, those that I am able to take (I have had 2 heart attacks, and other physical issues that do not allow me to take some medications), I am able for the most part to try and live a half way "normal" life. Notice I said "half way" normal. There are days, weeks, .... I live with the pain being bad again. Not that anyone really knows why. Even with every test available to the medical profession at times can tell you or your doctor exactly why something hurts as badly as it does. But, when you have "bone on bone" with things like RA, Osteo-arthritis, DDD, DJD, you are going to be in pain. When "parts" of your body wear out, when blood cells are not right, when your bones are not as they should be, when nerves begin to not be coated with myelin, and again the list is endless you HURT! Hell, if it were at all possible, I would throw ALL of my medications, pain and all in the trash and never look back. For the majority of us we hate having to take the meds we do. They cause their own set of issues, due to side effects we endure. But, we must make a choice, to have surgery and get out of some of the pain, to take medications that may cause side effects, but the control from pain outweighs those side effects, or even though you feel it is a total waste of money, you have expensive, needless tests just so you can give your doctors something they have to go on about your medical conditions. It is AN EXTREMELY SAD DAY when DOCTORS who have spent YEARS IN MEDICAL SCHOOL and take an OATH to HELP PEOPLE, are TOLD BY EVERYONE ELSE WHAT THEY CAN AND CANNOT DO, PRESCRIBE AND SO FORTH. There are TOO many FINGERS IN THE PIE, when that can take place. I cannot fathom a "pharmacist" telling a doctor what he can give a patient. Now, if the patient did not mention an "allergy" to something, then those issues are different. But, just to "make a decision" based on their own judgemental, sizing up of someone by the way the look etc.. is purely wrong!!! That is no different than "profiling", which most of us hate when it happens. But, for someone such as a pharmacist, or someone in a business office at a doctors, etc. to jump to some decision about a patient due to the way they look, act or etc... at the office is ridiculous for the most part. Hell many people are "nervous" at a doctors office. It is usually no place you really want to be, thus that is enough to make you nervous. If you have to sit and wait for an hour or more in a little room by yourself, half naked, yes you are nervous... some people hate having book taken and it upsets them... so this business about the staff "sizing up" patients by the way they act in a waiting room is bull. Now, if someone comes in and is aggressive, rude, apparently "high" and so forth that is different. But, just because they seen "nervous" means nothing. I read a great article a couple of days ago about people that are chronically ill, women for the most part, will not "dress up", put makeup on, etc... if they are going somewhere that they feel they need to "show" that they are sick... what crap is that??? but, you know what? I catch my own self doing it. Again, that "but you do not look ill" stuff. Just because we may "hide" the dark circles, or put on our decent clothing, or say and and half way make conversation with someone does not mean we feel on top of the world!! I try my best and "hide" the pain when I am in public. Yet, I catch myself in fear of "looking" nice also. I sometimes will not go to the store, or a doctors office, or the bank "with makeup" on and dressed nicely in fear someone will think "well she does not appear all that sick"... why should I feel that kind of crap! It's totally unfair, but we do it. I know I am not the only one... I get to where I don't know what to say to those who genuinely know me here in town locally, "how are you feeling"? I hate saying like hell... all the time... it sounds crappy for me to "complain", yet I also fear saying "Hey okay today"... thinking now they think I am not really ill at all. There are times when I may be going for the day and taking my Mom a couple of hours away to the Casino for a Mom/Daughter outing for the day. Something for us to "bond" together doing, that gets us away from everything... bills, stress, worry, illness and so forth. Yet, I almost fear telling anyone "good" like this, and have them thinking, "well she is not that sick, she can go to the Casino"... Hey I can't count on both hands how many mornings at the last moment we have had to cancel the trip because I am not well. It happens all the time, with many things. For instance, I have been in pain and have been dealing with several bad side effects or what think are side effects from the new infusion and two others meds, one new, the other the dosage was upped... so I had not been out of the house for over a week. Due to that I had not been able to even run to the store... or clean the house like I wanted... or bathe the dogs... etc... I feel too bad to even cook, or bake... and even the thing I love being outside early in the morning to water my flowers and watch the "hummy's", I barely had the energy to do. So, I never know when I must cancel something we planned. I wanted to go to one of the churches today and still am hoping to. But my stomach is upset, the humidity is giving my thumbs, hands and feet a fit with pain, and I am not sure until later in the morning whether I will get to go to church or not. I won't go if I feel this badly then. I cannot enjoy it at all, and I fear getting sick there at the church, etc. So, there are times you cancel last moment plans, and disappoint those you love the most due to these illnesses and sometimes the pain of all of them. The guilt is there so much of the time. You often feel responsible for being sick. I am always "apologizing" to my husband or my family because I am ill... which is stupid... it is NOT something I have wished for at all... But, you do feel it is "your" fault, when something happens and because you are ill no one goes to something just because of you... So, having your correct medications, whether they are for diabetes, anxiety, high blood pressure, your heart, or for CHRONIC pain!!!, they are a necessary part of your life. They "help" you life whatever part of normalcy is available for those of us suffering... when we suffer, our loved ones and family suffer with us... I am beyond pissed about the entire thing... and it has hit my family of which I never thought it would... and I never thought my "great" MD, would be one of those who somehow, for some reason, still unknown by me or others I guess, why he has suddenly done some of the things he has done and why he is NOT doing things he was doing,.. I feel that an explanation at the very least is necessary... to all of us...

This National Pain is full of great information ... Their main URL is:

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