Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2nd Infusion of Rituxan Today...

Morning All,

I'll be out today for a good while as I am taking my 2nd round of Rituxan by infusion today. I don't mind the infusion itself. Everything went well two weeks ago. I just dread the side effects that began about two days after the infusion. I did let my doctor know so I hope there is something in the "pre-med" like upping the Solu-Medrol or something he can prescribe beforehand that will help to lower those side effects. They really suck. If I could get over the "hump" of those that last about 3 days, it would be okay. Of course I have not noticed a difference yet as far as lesser pain. In fact this morning, the humidity is horrible here. I knew it before my feet the hit floor. My wrists, thumbs, heels and feet are just "hella" hurting and aching, which hits when we have a weather change coming (I think we are having a Cool Front come through in a few days) or rain, and high humidity will do it also.
Anyway, I will keep everyone posted as to what type of effects I have or not... and if I see a difference in the pain and other symptoms or not. I really had a good feeling about this medication, so I hope my hopes are right on, and it will be of lots of help with the pain, and also to help curb the damage. I already have enough joints that need replacement that I am putting off... it would be awesome to not have to have any more.... Rhia

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