Thursday, September 3, 2015

3rd Day of the 30 day Challenge for the support and promotion of National Pain Awareness Month

I am taking the "30-Day Challenge for pain awareness".... which today is the 3rd day. Yesterday I wore "blue" along with a sign in my car from a photo I made like this one. Today, I am supposed to write down what I would be doing in life if, I was not sick, and have chronic pain issues. Well, first of all, I would probably be doing something in the medical field. I had wanted to be an RN ever since I was in my teens. But, now, if things for me health wise were different, I could see me being a researcher, and doing research on illnesses, such as these autoimmune illnesses, Lupus, RA, Sjogren's, Raynaud's, and so many more, hundreds, and would be trying to find out the "origin" of what causes them that hopefully would lead to a way to stop their progression OR possibly have a way that NO ONE ever had to even have them in the first place. I would be "more active"... going out more, taking my Mom out more... and doing things with friends... right now honestly, I don't have many "friends" as far as here near me... not those that I could go out to dinner, shopping, a movie, or even to the casino with for a day or overnight.... And the reason for that is these illnesses. I never know from one day to the next, if I will wake up feeling "okay" or wake up feeling like as my Dad would have said "pulled thru a knot hole backwards"... LOL... then there are days I wake up fine, but in a few hours I feel horrible, or can feel like hell when I first get up, and within a few hours, feel better... these horrid diseases, which 99% of them include some type of chronic pain, take over your life. Even though many say that can win the battle over them, and I do for the most part, they still have their way of putting you on your butt, even when you try your best to fight against them. I would also already have my 3rd book published, my home would be "more completed" as far as all of the DIY stuff I've started, and some I can't do simply because my health in one way or the other puts a damper on something. We, even myself, before the AI illnesses, took many things for granted... even though I suffered migraines since the age of 17 yrs old, I still could more or less "have a life"... go out, go to college at night, work, do lawn work which I love, and just go do things like shopping or eating out in Dallas, or going down to San Antonio to the River Walk for a weekend... now those things are either almost impossible, OR they are a bit more difficult for me to plan to be able to do... just the stuff here at my house, painting, laying the floors in my kitchen, bath finishing out the walls in my bath, and wiring the lights in, and things like that, some I can do, and others my body no longer allows me to handle. So, a "new normal" (which by the way is kind of one of my "mantra's".... would be to enjoy and do, all of the simple things I used to be able to do, and now I realize that my life has totally turned around and what was "normal" just a few years ago, is certainly not anymore.... 

If you would like to participate in the Challenge Or just find ways to promote "Pain Awareness Month" you can go to :

And do your own challenge or find ways you can let others know about just how much chronic pain can change your quality of life....

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