Monday, September 28, 2015

#RABLOG WEGO Day 7 - Great Blogs I have read!

Wow, I've read many great blogs and blog posts through my years of ever evolving RA, Lupus and more, when it comes to Autoimmune Illnesses and more...

Even though she had Still's Disease, many of our AI illnesses are so close together, or we have had several different diagnosis' along with way.... I think Kerry had been diagnosed with JRA at one time...

Another One:

(Which Used to be RA GIMP

a #3rd one:

#4 -

#5 -

#6 -

I just wanted to say, that I know there are others I want to recognize.... I just had something very important I had to help my Mom with... so I will be adding to this list of Blogs that truly "talk and touch" me... I have NOT left anyone out on purpose that is for sure. :)

As I said yesterday, I want to add more to my "list" of blogs both RA, Autoimmune, & a combination of health related issues. Some of the list on the front page of my blog, I noticed have changed URL's and so forth, so I will get all of those updated too. I want other to be able to enjoy each and every one of you and what you have to say in your blogs... about life, about RA, health, emotions, the physical, mental and in all ways we are effected by these illnesses... there is Sjogren's that many know little about yet it can and DID WRECK my life and my teeth! I now have a full set of dentures due to Sjogren's It is critical for ALL of us to speak out and gain attention so funds for research, medications, new doctors, and all can be gotten.... and WE are the perfect voices, because WE are the ones suffering daily.....

I have a "personal" issue (hopefully this will be the last major one for awhile) to get to between now and Thursday afternoon.... once all of that is behind me, I hope to update my own blog, and some more of the advocacy, activist, Ambassador's, Volunteer and more things that I so enjoy as well as finish my BOOK and work on my blog!

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