Sunday, September 27, 2015

Invisible Illnesses Week IS Here! Join Me!!! I havve posted this blog, put it up on Twitter, FB, and I also have a link to the #invisibleillnesses

 You may also participate in several activities during that week! I know this is a very tough subject for so many of us.

I realize for myself, I find that I am always trying to "explain" why I do something a certain way, or why I can't do certain things. And I also realize unless someone is close to you, they just do not "get" what an Invisible Illness is, nor do they get hwy you have a "handicapped" parking sign" - or you do not go out as much, or many things in your home you must either live with, or try to find someone to help you with.... This is just a tiny small amount of what I've blogged and written about in my years and blogging and many more writing.... 

I shall much more to say on the subject over the next weeks coming up!

This kind of slipped up on me, and I was not aware it began so quickly - I have LOTS to say about "invisible Illnesses, and just how much they effect SO MANY lives in so MANY ways!!!! I will try to put some thoughts together by tomorrow and post more......

When you have a person look "down" at you for parking with a "handicapped sign" or they are staring for any other reasons, usually several that is just ONE aspect of how chronic and invisible illnesses can "haunt" your daily life,

I have people in disbelief that I have had so many surgeries, or that I have Lupus, Sjogren's, and RA.... well NO I do not look SICK all the time, but they also do not see those days and times I am unable to get out of my home, or even do much of anything i my home, but sit on the sofa and watch movies with my pup.

I, in fact lost my Pug, this past week Tazz. It was extremely sudden an unexpected, and she did not even appear to be sick, until it was too late to truly even find out what caused her to be ill. We assume, it was her heart, and it gave out on her, after 13 years of being my precious "baby girl", my friend, my companion, my all, my everything, and giving me an unconditional love that no one else can really give. Thank goodness I have her "brother" who is about 7 years old, Bubba, I call him Bub's, who also misses her and I know he is confused as to why "sissy" is not here. But, we have one another to lean on and that right now is my saving grace. As I hope tomorrow will END a very long drawn out situation that has created chaos and havoc in my life since March 2014, then I pray that something that appears to be half way "normal" shall come to light.

I hope to be able to get back to blogging more, my advocacy and activism, & helping others fnd their way through the often rocky climb and confusion of "invisible illnesses" .... They cloud our minds, our hearts, our souls and our lives... and I hope I can help others to find their way out of that cloudy, insanity of being chronically ill, and often many not understanding it all....

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