Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It is OFFICIALLY September 1st, National Pain Awareness Month 2015 begins.....

Morning everyone here at my FB "family"... It often feels more like "family" at times when I come to my page here, along with my blog. There are several of us, that find comfort in one another, especially when the "storms if pain, illness, and life" begin to be overwhelming. For myself, this entire year so far, has not "turned out" at ALL like I had "planned"... Of course I should already know, after 55 years of living, that "Rhia's Law" is that if it will be COMPLICATED, COMPLEX, CONFUSING, FULL OF DRAMA AND STRESS, DIFFICULT.. just to name a "few" of my thoughts, it shall be happening to ME. Nothing ever comes easy for me... as much as I would love it to, and I've often wondered why, life has to be so darned complicated - as all of us with any type of chronic illness and/or chronic pain, "Living Life" is never "easy"... we battle with illness and pain, we battle with medications, doctors, pharmacies and most of all insurance. We battle just to get up every morning, and try to be our best, whether that means sitting on the sofa all day, being in bed all day, or up and about with errands, work, and the other daily things we accomplish in life. I had just been reading in a local small magazine that usually continues interesting information about our doctors, or different places here involving health... therapy, gyms, alternative medical practices, and the like. They also usually focus on the local people, that either have a beautiful home, like something that may be in the "Historical District" or a new group for different types of illnesses... one such here I was just reading about is Parkinson's. Now even though we are educated about many different ailments, we sometimes tend to think that diseases like, Parkinson's, Dementia, Alzheimer's, arthritis, just to mane a few, are "elderly folks diseases"... yet, right here in our community. One of the reasons why I decided that I wanted to participate in US Pain Foundations, "Beautify in Blue" campaigns here in my home town, is exactly what I have wanted to do for a long while now, with Lupus, RA, Sjogren's, and those living in chronic pain... to begin to educate people here, to bring more awareness, rather than rumors, or misinformation when it comes to any type of severe disease that is all too often "chronic" in nature, and it envelopes and takes away the "life" that you thought you would have. When I began years ago having very severe migraine headaches, there are not a great deal known about them. The doctors for the most part, would either not really know what to do, or give you pain meds... that later ma have been considered "habit forming" and such. But, I worked MANY years at several different jobs, and in one way or the other, the migraines interfered with my job and my life. I wanted to be a nurse, and had my sites on that profession for many years. Yet, when I finally had that opportunity, the headaches would have been an interference in my schooling. So, as badly as I wanted to pursue that career, I knew it was not in the cards for me. I did go to college mainly during the evenings, after work, and got my AD, and the most proud moment is when I was inducted into the "National Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society at the college I attended. I of course still have my lapel pin, and even had special lettering made and put it in my car back glass... I was so thrilled.
But, I still fought around the damned headaches... then new medications came out, none of which I could take, or they simply did NOT work... I always tell this one story, I had to go to the ER one night with a really bad migraine. It had been going on for days, and I just could not get it to "cease and desist" ... the ER doctor, I think rather than giving me what they usually did, decided to give me "Compazine". Well, this nurse came in with a pretty large syringe of medication that I believe was to go into the IV they had started... It did not take long, and I began to feel "odd"... it was just not working at all in fact, and I just felt like I was going "nuts"... so rather than the doctor trying something else, he told her to give me yet another round of it... I literally got up, pulled the IV out of my arm, wrapped it up to stop the bleeding and I left... I was having some kind of horrible reaction to that medication, it was NOT working, and I certainly did not need anymore.... So, those types of events in our lives, makes us want to stand up for not just ourselves but others just as we are... ILL and yet some physicians just DO NOT either listen, or they prefer the patient to be quiet, or there is just too much misinformation being spread around.... SO, TODAY and for the next 30 DAYS I hope you join all of us in promoting the correct information and awareness about Chronic Pain....


Take The 30 Day Challenge by the US Pain Foundataion


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