Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pain Pain, and more Chronic Pain - "Legitimate" Pain Patients and "Good" Pain Physicians Suffering from the few who Abuse!

This is a HUGE GROWING Problem for SO MANY of us, with "legitimate" Pain problems. I realize "some" abuse it, but WE as true patients should NOT be punished for those who abuse.... and the ones the at abusing, will find it one way or the other for the most part.... I also feel sorry for the Pain Doctors, that truly are also legitimate... they continue to have more and more hoops to jump through, and put their PATIENTS through.... which is difficult on everyone!

This has always just irritated me to no end, when I read articles, such as this one! We have so MANY "legitimate" pain patients, that would not be able to have ANY QUALITY of LIFE, hence without their medications.

Yet, due to the "few" either "fake patients", or doctors who are not in it, for the REAL Patients, but are in it for their own GREED, have made many of us go through so much paperwork, go through so many questions, go through hoops and hoops in order to receive our medications.

I totally understand "addiction" by those who abuse meds... but, they will abuse, no matter how they get the meds... whether they by them off the streets, or through the black market... they will get them....

Being that is it NATIONAL PAIN AWARENESS MONTH!, I feel even stronger about standing up for everyone who totally is in pain, and like myself, I would never be able to do much of anything if it were not for my medications.... and believe me, I've been with my same Pain Specialist, now for t least 7 years or so, and I have nothing to hide - NEVER have I "ran out of meds early" or lost a prescription, and so forth... never!

Years and Years ago, when they came out with the "Stadol" inhaler, especially for migraines, I had picked one up from the pharmacy on my lunch hour. Well not thinking I left it in my car by accident and it was a very HOT day in Texas.... so the medication "siphoned" itself out of the bottle due to the heat... I was so upset, because I felt like even back then, I may have problems getting my meds. But, I contacted my pharmacist right away, and called my doctor, spoke with them both, I took in the bottle and container it came in, and allowed them to see what had happened. I got another bottle no problem... but in all of my years as a patient with chronic pain, I've seen even myself have issues with either a pharmacist, or one time a doctor be fine and give me my meds, and yet in a month or two, say they can't give that anymore, or change the dose etc... well it is because of being so totally "frightened" by thinking they could lose their medical license, some are just in fear over patients and pain medications.....

Here is the article... and i am sure you will see by what this says... it can mean Disaster for those who DO NOT abuse their meds...

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