Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cellulitis? An Abscess? A Boil!!?? What is it, was and what is the difference???

Since I just about "fainted" a few minutes ago, I am making this short... and will give more information either this evening later, or tomorrow. I saw the surgeon yesterday and the "lump" on my leg, after changing from "cellulitis" had actually formed an abscess under the skin. So, he wanted to "open and drain" it... and of course send off some of the infection to find out what caused it. He told me that there was "little"cellulitis left... so I was confused, and came home to read and find the exact differences between an abscess, cellulitis, impetigo, and then you can have an infected hair follicle etc... well, it probably began as "cellulitis" which was infection in the deeper portions of the skin... usually no formation of a "pocket of infection" but an infection spread over an area of the underlying skin. Where the abscess was actually a "pocket" of infection that had to be opened up and drained... Now most of you know I am one tough "cookie" due to the many surgeries, procedures, and so forth I've been through, but this FREAKING HURT!!! When he went in and began to injection the Lidocaine to "numb" the skin, I almost jumped off the table! OMG, it stings anyway, but this was even worse than it going in your upper palate of your mouth for a tooth to be fixed or pulled. It kept jabbing around putting an ass load full of Lidocaine in it, and then of course I was lying down, and he had a drape over my leg, but he "cut" in incision into my thigh. I did not feel much of that, but when he began to go into it with peroxide and Q-tips to clean it out, I wanted again to cry.. Lidocaine or NOT it freaking hurt like hell.... he then "packed" it with gauze and his nurse covered it over with gauze and tape. He asked me if I had someone at home to help clean it out a couple of times a day, and I told him I did not think my pups would be too thrilled - LOL... of course I said I could... yet I still did NOT know the EXTENT of this HOLE in my thigh!!! So, about an hour ago, I knew I had to take the bandages off and clean it out, and then put a band-aid or something to cover it back on....Well, I started to pull all of that gauze off the top and OMG, it was soaked in mess that drained out and blood... then I came to that damned packing... I had to pull that out also... and it was about 25 inches or more LONG.. by the time I got all of it out... also soaked with dry blood and pus that came out of the wound... and then there it is this HUGE HOLE IN MY THIGH!!! It is over 3 inches LONG and about 1 1/2 inches DEEP!!!! Now as I said I am not a cry baby about most stuff... but I had to take Q-Tips and put Peroxide on them and literally go inside of that hole to clean it, and he said to do that at least twice a day!!!! Honestly, I cried while I did it.... So, I do that and he will see me back on Wednesday, and said he should have the results back off the culture... but believe me, I NEVER want to go through this again... and I am not sure even what the heck is up with the lump on the other leg.. I did tell his nurse about it, but he really did not address it, and took care of this one first. I guess time will tell... this other one on my right leg could be nothing, or if it is something then it will certainly show more signs, like getting larger etc.... I thought I would be find one that was done, but believe me... it hurts to even walk on that leg.... so that is my "LABOR DAY" excitement... I hope the rest of the holiday is not like that for sure!!!! When I clean it up later again today, I will try to take a photo of it.... but not sure anyone really wants to see it... I cannot fathom how DEEP and wide it is... just a HOLE, where I guess it "ate away" at the tissues there.... 

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