Wednesday, September 9, 2015

IFAA, Tiffany and the Entire Dedicated Group with the International Autoimmune Arthritis Foundation - Thank you!

I had a very pleasant surprise at my door step Tuesday after the holiday weekend! My “regular” mail had already came. But, later in the afternoon, I stepped out on my front porch to see a large package with my name on it!! At first, I thought it was the “blue ribbons” that I am waiting on for pain awareness month. They have not sent them yet… BUT, IT was ALL KINDS OF AWESOME STUFF FROM THE IFAA AND TIFFANY! I was so thrilled when I opened it… an awesome very sturdy reusable bag, along with others that are also perfect to take to the market from the WAAD 14! I also had a nice pen with the IFFF Logo on it, and a huge book that came from the Autoimmune Summit 2015 - with all of the data from research and so forth they discussed at the Summit in New York! smile emoticon I am really enjoying lots of the data in there… extremely interesting to me… anyway, I will get a better photo up later. I had to take this one with my “web cam”. I am charging the battery on my good digital camera. So, I will make more when it is charged. Again, Thanks to IFAA, Tiffany and the entire gang… what an awesome job all of you do…. I hope to soon participate more. Due to all of the “circumstances” between my own health, My Mom’s health, then all of the other personal “agenda” that I HOPE to have basically over with in October… my hope is to get back on tract with my activism, advocacy, my own research, and doing more writing on my book, as well as working even more on my blog… by the way my blog seems to be “getting more attention”… and I am thrilled about that…

 To Learn more about IFAA, want to join in their Advocacy team and more  the URL IS:

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