Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#RABLOG WEGO's Week long RA Blog - Day 2 - How to "fight" RA Fatigue

This is one tough "cookie" so to speak. Some of us battle more often than others I am sure.

Those days when I get up and feel like an "18 wheel tractor trailer" ran over me and then backed up and did it again. There are times, that I try to just push through the temptation to get back on the sofa, and watch movies all day long.

Yet, life some days, even with chronic pain and chronic illness may not allow a day to "hide out". So, those times that I KNOW I am going to have to be up and about, I try to "plan" for it ahead of time. You can't "plan" the fatigue, but you can plan a time before you may suspect a very busy day, and that fatigue can come with those days. So, I tend to try and get to bed or at least relax a bit earlier that afternoon and evening before.

I try my best to find ways to doing some things either  during the time of day that I feel "less fatigued". O if I know that I have something that will take more energy than "usual" I try to rest the day before, or sleep by going to bed a bit earlier.

I also have found to make doctor appointments, or anything type of appointment where I need to go here or especially in Dallas, to make them between about 11:00AM and 3:30 PM. That way I can avoid that "fatigue" in the morning, and yet not have to deal with the more fatigue that comes on after a busy day... around 4:00PM.

I also try my best to "combine" things. If I need to stop at several places running errands, I plan my route where I can do the one that is further away, then work my way in to the closer things, so I am close to home as possible after I finish. I also at times have to do part of errands, shopping, house work and so forth and then finish it up the next day. If I have a large amount of groceries to buy, then I do that one day, and save the other errands till the next day. Plus if I can possibly get medications by "driving" through a drive through window, or even at the bank, I try to use the drive thru anytime I can where it is possible.

When the days are very hot, or I am just not feeling well, or fatigue has got me badly, then I use my Handicapped parking sign. That is a huge help especially at a very large store, and especially if I am having to buy things that are heavy.

I find also, if I stay "moving" once I am up and around, I am better off "finishing" up all I can before i sit down. If I sit down before some things that need to be done and rest, then it seems I am more tired and fatigued than I would be had I just finished everything up and then sat down to rest.

I keep myself on a set schedule as much as possible, as far as eating, sleeping, getting up and all. If I stay on a schedule, then it seems that also helps to fight the fatigue...

Of course there are times when it is just TOO much, and the fatigue just puts me down for the day... and if that happens, then I listen to my body, and I "take that day" or a portion of that day to give myself the "relaxation" it needs....

I can say also, that "mental and emotional" stress brings the fatigue on worse than ever for the most part... so trying to keep an even keel emotionally helps, but of course we are humans, and we have stresses to deal with... 



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Rhia's Autoimmune Arthritic Life said...

Thank you for your Post. I have Sjogren's, 2nd to Lupus, RA and so forth. In fact I lost ALL of my teeth to Sjogren's & until I had 3 teeth within 3 weeks "break off" at the gum line, I didn't know I had a dental issue/ The couple of meds I tried really do not seem to help much. I have noticed many doctor's until the past 3 years and medical staff had no clue what"Sjogren's" was! It was insane. I had to have the rest of my teeth pulled ( that showed by the digital X-rays ALL of my teeth were about to begin breaking off) & I HATE the dentures! I appreciate the information and I cetainly feel for your wife and you... Does she have any further diagnosis fir an AI disease such as Lupus, RA, Raynaud's etc?