Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 2 - WEGO Health Challenge BLOGS - #HAWMC - "How do we blog?" Inspiration, jus start writing, and so forth

#HAWMC Day 2 - of WEGO Health's Blog/Writer's Challenge

Usually I begin by something "hitting me". Like a post on a Facebook page, or something I hear on the news. Sometimes it is a personal issue that I am going through. I also have what I call " a voice".

I maybe sitting here doing something completely different, and the subject for a blog hits me, and I begin writing. My blogs, posts on Facebook, even E-mails tend to be "lengthy". Anyone who has read an email from me, or sees my blogs, or posts anywhere, knows to be ready to spend several minutes reading. I tend to "explain" in detail what I am saying, where it is coming from, why I feel it is necessary that I "tell" whatever that subject is. And until I feel that I've "said it all" on that one subject, I write. I am really bad about not even making "paragraphs". I've had to change that lately. I've come to realize is someone sees a very lengthy post, with no "breaks" in between, it can be confusing. So, I've began making sure I break it the post, blog, email or whatever it is, so it does not seem so long and so tedious.

I also tend to "write out" everything. In other words, if I am going to say, "I'm going to town", I write it out literally, "I am going to town". Oddly enough, I probably do not speak that way, when speaking, but when I am writing, I usually type it all out, without using other forms, like "I'm, I've, even numbers, I tend to type out ONE, Three, and so forth. Sometimes the reason I type numbers out in spelling them, is because I want to "emphasize" that particular number, so rather than 3 little chicks. I may want to write, "THREE Little chicks". So, by spelling the numbers out, I can USE them for emphasis in a sentence, or for some reason.

I know that typing in "ALL CAPS" is almost like "screaming" at someone. I find myself using "CAPS" but not so much as to be screaming in the readers face, but really showing that part, is coming from "deep inside" and it is crucial to understand how important that sentence, or portion of the blog, the post, and so on are to me. So, if you see a post of mine and something is in ALL CAPS, it is because I really want to make that stand out to who reads it.

Actually, I DISLIKE "editing". I know that sounds silly, but I try and make sure I am "saying" what I need to say, as I am writing it. So, I may read over a sentence or two as I finish them. But, I "spell check" as I write, so I give it a once over for spelling errors, then most of the time I hit the "send" button.

I am also not that great at "coming back" to a post that I have written, and "add" to it. If I know for sure, I want to say more on that subject, I usually make a new "Part 2" post about it, but once I am through with what I have said, for the most part, I don't edit and add to a post. Now, I may go in and fix a link, add a color, or a photo. But, if I want to say MORE, then another "post" will come and I add it as another "Part" of the original.

I was always an excellent speller in school. I won spelling bee's, had all 100's on my spelling tests, so when I am typing and writing, and a word is misspelled or I cannot for some reason spell it at that moment correctly, it will drive me CRAZY! I will go back and try to spell it myself correctly several times, without looking it up. There are times, I finally give in, and go do a search to spell it, and often as I am typing it to look up the correct spelling, then I do spell it correctly during my "search". I have to laugh and blame it on the "Lupus fog", because most certainly my "age" could not be a factor.

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