Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 3 - of WEGO Health Blog/Writer's Challenge - A Favorite Quote and why it moves me #HAWMC

Day 3 WEGO Health Challenge - A Favorite Quote and Why it Moves Me

My "favorite" quote is actually one that comes from myself. "If YOU do NOTHING! Then "NOTHING" gets done!"

I've come to find out after many years of feeling as if I could depend on someone else to do as they said they would, or help me out when I needed help, that I was going to be either, upset, disappointed, feel as if no one cared, have my feelings hurt, and after living with all of those "harsh feelings and emotions" what I "needed done" never got done. The only thing that came out of it, is me feeling lousy. 

So, I am truly a stubborn person when it comes to "asking" anyone for help. Not that I feel someone else can't do it just as well as I can. I am not "narcissistic" per se'. I have been through relationships, whether serious or friends, at work, at home, business, serious, or not serious, the only way, I know for sure, something that truly needs to get finished, and have the job done, is if I do it, and try to not "depend" on anyone else to help get it done. 

Actually, I've been going through these circumstances now for months. My Mom has always depended upon me. Bless her heart, after my Dad passed away in 2005, I, being an only child had to move back to Texas from Seattle, because she could not even put gas in her own car. Much less figure out bills, investments and all that needed to be taken care of. There were times over the past 11 years that "someone else" would offer to do this, that or the other" to help her or us out. Then when it came that time to do whatever it was, guess what? I was left with ME having to take responsibility. That has been really my entire life's story. If I want it done, and to know it was taken care of, I must just go ahead and do it. My Mom after being seriously ill only the first 6 months of this year with what we feel was "Lewy Bodies Dementia" passed away on June 9th 2016. I knew even though at the time I needed surgeries that had been put off, that I sprained both ankles severely the day of her visitation. I was in the middle of a horrible Lupus flare. Yet, I knew I had no choice but to make the arrangements and get things taken care of. No one else, even though some offered would get down to the "brass tacks" as the saying goes and get it done.

So, that was and is still my life. If I want something done or need it done, then my saying always holds true, "IF you do NOTHING, then "NOTHING" gets done!"

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