Tuesday, November 8, 2016

WEGO Health Blogger Challenge 2016 for Day 8 "I think I I can" OR "I Know I CAN".....

WEGO Bloggers Challenge Day * 2016 - "I Think I Can OR "I know I Can?"

I "think" I can get over the "hump" of losing my Mom so suddenly, and find a renewed life ahead of me - I need to give myself more time.

I think I can get my home fixed up and it be everything I want it to be.

I think I can get back into my writing and blogging, and make my 3rd BOOK a "Best Seller".

I think I can finally face my cervical neck surgery, and my lumbar surgery and they will relieve more of my pain.

I think I can walk through this life, even with all of the medical issues that surround me, and continue to find people that care about me, I think I can find new friends, and move past all of the loss, of not just Mom, but the loss of a relationship, find understanding, the loss of my dear Tazzy, my Pug, who I still miss daily, and move past the emotional pain that continues to dwell within and make me feel as if all I've seen in life is loss.

I think I can do MUCH of the "renovations" to my home, myself, and then "face the facts" there are some things now, my body no longer will allow me to do.

I think I can become a much better activist, advocate, volunteer and "voice" for those who suffer from such horrendous chronic illnesses and pain.

I think I can live my life alone, with my pups, and find the place where I no longer feel "alone or abandoned".

I think I can continue to make great decisions about my future, and continue the path of knowing more about medical research, chronic ailments, and give others hope through my own research and going through what I have been through. 

"I Know I Can!"

I KNOW I can go back to Washington DC one day, and give Congress once again my own life's issues with chronic illness, chronic pain, and how many of us suffer horrendously, and make A DIFFERENCE!

I know I can find more time to write, to work on my painting, my quilting, my gardening, and be able to get on the path, of feeling good about myself again.

I know I can LOVE, my Kids, Grand kids, and family even more every day. I know I can show them that they are my entire world. 

I know I can get these two pups to QUIT peeing in the floor when they are upset with me!

I KNOW I can continue to make this journey through life by myself, take care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally, and gain more insight to myself in the process.


I know that although sometimes others do not say it, they are proud of my "charity" works, and I will learn that I DO NOT have to have a pat on the back from anyone else but myself.



I know I now can face my own "day of reckoning" when that time comes, whether soon, or decades from now, and I am NOT frightened. 



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