Monday, November 14, 2016

WEGO Bloggers Challenge for Sunday November 13th - "One of the "BEST THINGS THAT Happened this past week?"

November 13th, 2016 WEGO Health Bloggers Challenge for Friday - "Finding the "good" from this past week"

I seem to not have "many good things" as of this past about a year. So, when those time come along, they are certainly not taken for granted, and I try and hold on to that good memory, so I can get through all of the circumstances of pain, burn out, and pure life's grief it can give to us....

Having the "most" of the past 5 days of this week, where I was able enough to get some things done in the house, like moving some furniture, dusting, and doing that "deeper" cleaning, even washing the drapes (although I don't have them back up yet) & also being able to do some limb cutting from my trees that dearly need it. The drought here several years back did a number on them and almost killed them. So, they needed to be pruned back really far before winter col, cold hits, so they will have a change to put some "good" new growth on, and not look so "bare" in the inner parts of the tree.

I have a great deal more to do, but I got some of that cut up and put out for the trash collectors this morning, Now the larger limbs I have left I have to get cut down small enough so they will pick those up.

I also made a decision (FINALLY) to order a new area rug for my living room and have my eye on a sofa that will be high enough ff the ground the dogs will no longer be able to have their "peeing contests" when they get mad, and soil the carpet OR the sofa.

I am hurting from head to toe, I am hoping to have my neck surgery done in December, and try to help stop this pain. It is another reason that I am not keeping up with my blogging and writing, I am in so much pain, on my right side, shoulders,hand,wrists, swelling, now a lump at my thumb, and I am hoping that they put me on Xeljanz, because the MTX for one is NOT working, and for 2, I am having side effects again from it...

So, there is what I considered "good bits and pieces" of my week, last week.

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