Friday, November 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday! WEGO BLOG #HAWMC a "phost" from the past? (Christmas Eve 2014)

WEGO HEALTH Bloggers Challenge for 2016 - 'Throwback Thursday" One of my blogs from the past and why I picked it to go back and "share" it again.

 Many of you know how "messed, mixed, and flat horrid most of my year in 2014 was. This post explains a great deal of what went on, and why 2014 had an incredible start, I got to go to Washington DC for the Arthritis Foundations Annual Summit and although I had been down with a severe Lupus Flare, I had been to our Urgent Care the Friday before I was to leave and the doctor who knew a great deal about Lupus, since he suffers from it also, gave me enough corticosteroids for a horse I think (LOL, well not quite that much but enough to make me feel like I was brand new by the morning at 4AM I left for DFW Airport, for the flight to DC!

Little did I know what would happen that last day of the Summit March 26th, 2014. A horrendous nightmare of an event, that forevermore changed my entire life. There are days it still effects me, even now. So, here is the post from then:

Since the post is pretty long, rather than try to post all of it here, I decided to just post the URL (link) to it. That was a year of hell to say the least, then 2015, was not much better... I DID get the honor of being a "Platinum Ambassador" in 2015 BUT, did not get to attend the Summit that March, for reasons why in 2014, along with other issues that happened due to that "eventful" day. 

Then, thinking I would "start new" for 2016, only to become, someone without their own caretaker, that became a "caretaker" for my own Mom, who up until January 2016, had been in pretty good health. Little did we know what awaited us the first 6 months of this year...

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