Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Strange Emotions, Being Physically Ill again, and something "odd" come over me at my Mom's house....

I just don't feel like speaking about the election, other than the fact I am glad it is over, I did my part and voted, and I pray somehow our country gets united and turned around in the right direction. We need that badly, more than the "battles" that were fought this past 18 months or so. I will say I've been really SICK AGAIN... I've had those cold, horrible sweats, so badly, I had to change all of the bedding, my clothes, and wash everything two or three times since Sunday night. I've not really been able to get off the sofa other than to make myself get up and change, since I was freezing, yet soaking wet from cold sweating, and I've had another one of those horrid headaches, that I just almost feel like nothing I try is working. I did run some fever off and on, but mainly severe, severe joint, muscle and body pain from head to toe, that "feeling" again like my joints wanted to "lock up" almost as if I was having a seizure... but as far as I know, I've done this now about 4 times or so and I don't think it is any type of seizure, it just feels that way, due to the muscle spasms and severity of pain in my joints, muscles and body. I had been really busy for the week or two before this started Sunday night. I got rid of that old loveseat recliner, by taking it apart like I had said earlier, and then I decided to move my television to the front windows and I turned the sofa around where it faces the front windows. I am going to get rid of the rug I have now.... and get a much smaller one that is round, where it does not sit under the sofa at all. 

Then after I see if that helps to stop the dogs from acting out, and peeing on the rug, if it is not under the sofa, and now the loveseat is gone, then I may by a new sofa, smaller and one that had no material close to the floor. Anyway, I had to move two huge glass cases around, that were each beside my television, and I spent the good part of a week, dusting, washing all of my glass things I had in there, and making things free of dust and the collection of that "gray powder" that seems to seep into all of our homes in this part of TX. I still have some things to go, and then I also redone my bedroom some, trying to get ready to bring my HUGE plants in... it is time to "de-bug" them, and get ready to put them in from the cold coming soon. 

They are all houseplants, but they LOVE the outside all spring and summer, so they really go into shock for a couple of weeks or more when I have to bring them in... my fern, my palm (which put 4 huge prawns on it, one of which is still not tall enough yet, but two of them now are at least 7 foot tall!, Then my ginger plant inside is at least that tall, and getting bigger everyday. My fern is about 15 feet around, and then I have several of the airplane plants that are also HUGE, and heavy... so it is a job in itself to get them all cleaned up, and then get them in the house.... It takes me days to clean each one, and then find room enough to put them... but right now I am just trying to get to feeling well enough to even take a shower, so I can get to the market... I need to go, but I am still in such pain, and so totally exhausted from whatever the heck is going on with me, I am not really feeling like even trying to get in the shower, and I know I NEED TO! Anyway, I wanted to touch base, and let everyone know what is going on here.. I know there are a couple of people I know that are also battling some bad illnesses, and like me facing surgeries possibly. 

I know that is one issue causing me pain, and possibly making me feel so bad... the stiff neck and severe headaches and back, hip and pain down my legs are all probably from needing the neck and lumbar back surgeries... I wanted to get those done, but it never seems like a "good time" to schedule them... and now here come the holidays and everyone will be busy with I am not sure what the hell to do... I am still waiting to find out about what is going to go on with the other house... I had a very "strange" issue over there Sunday afternoon... I don't want to go into details, but for the very 1st time, when I just drove up into the drive, I had the "oddest" feelings, and then I almost could not "go inside".... I don't know why, I've not felt that way before, and even going and having to put some paperwork in the car, I felt the strangest sensation just sitting in that car.... I am supposed to drive it after I turn my Prius in in early 2017, but now I am not sure I "can drive" that car.... not due to the condition of it etc... it is in awesome shape, just needs tires, but there is something about the house and the car that really gave me a very odd feeling, and I still had "chills" up and down my spine as I drove away Sunday afternoon.. I've been too ill to go over as I usually do to check on it, since then, but something really came over me, that I had not felt before..... just really has shaken me up, plus I had a really horrible night terror on last Friday night, that was the worst in years.... I was so upset, I was not sure I could even stay alone anymore, I was so shaken by it.... alas, I have not much of a choice, me and the two furkids.... but anyway... I am still feeling "off" mentally and then physically still feeling not well either....

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