Monday, November 28, 2016

DAY #30! WEGO 30 DAY NOVEMBER 2016 HEALTH BLOG CHALLENGE!!! LAST DAY! REFLECTION, CONGRATULATIONS FOR 30 days of posts, & where do I feel I go from here?

 WEGO HEALTH NOVEMBER 30TH, LAST DAY OF CHALLENGE!!! What this 30 days has taught me, and how I intend on moving past, and take what I have learned "with me"....

I am still not completely through with ALL of my November 30 day Challenge Blog Posts. I got almost all, but still lack about 6 or so, before I can say I did all of them.

I do appreciate WEGO HEALTH and the "challenges" they give us as advocates, activists, and those who want to make things "better", to change the way Health care works for us, for others and for the world.

I hope to go from this past 30 days and take a hard look at myself. I DO definitely do "my part" when it comes to Advocacy, Activism, and being an Ambassador.... whichever you choose to define it, ALL mean you STEP UP to the plate,  take your very best swing, and hope to hit the "ball" right out of the park!

I know that MANY have made that possible with our Congress, with our States Governments, and even around the globe. Each day is a new light, new action when it comes to the way everyone views how "the health care" system should be.

WE have become #1 as, patients, BUT moreover as "activists"... able to give our story out, and know We DID make a difference.

*I've always been the type of person who likes "order".... things to be put away, no clutter, no mess, everything where it should be.. and up until the Lupus, RA, Sjogrens's and LIFE HIT me, I could do that,

A dear friend of mine, taught me a lesson, that was so very simple, YET it totally CHANGED the way I try and do things now.

I was in the car with my friend, and trying to get a lighter of mine to work. I had probably been to stubborn to stop and get another one, or would forget, so I was trying and trying and it just was "finished"... no more "flame" to come out of it... He asked me to "hand it to him"... so I did, and as soon as I handed it to him, it went flying by my face, out the car window (we were at a Stop Sign), and into a "field" by the roadway.

At 1st I was confused, then I wanted to laugh, and then it totally HIT ME! Not literally, but in a "life changing way". When something whether as "small" as a lighter, or as large as an "elephant in the room" is giving you problems, not working, and you are just getting more and more upset, frustrated, and plain down right MAD about it, "throw it out".... it is NOT WORTH trying to "fix" something, that is NOT fixable. Here I was stressing over a 99 cent light, when all I needed to do is pitch it out the window, stop and get a new one, or he happened to have had an extra one he gave me, and go on with life!!!

LIFE, as I have witnessed in the past 11 years, but MORE in the last 3 years or so, is TOO SHORT, to precious, TOO "there one day and gone the next" to allow yourself to be "worried" over "what is NOT working"...and go onto the next phase, where something IS working...

We can "Duct Tape" a sole on our favorite shoe, or "mend a hole in a sock. We can choose to drive ourselves nuts over something so silly as the news, a TV show, and all we need to do is "turn the channel"..

As humans, I know for myself, I've wasted too much of my life, "watching" the channel that I did not like, when all I had to do is change it.

Decisions, even where to go out to eat for me, are always "stressful".... everything in my life, I "question" up, down and sideways, I always "sleep on it" before I make a change, buy something, make a decision that ultimately could change my entire life, well what is left of it...

Yet, I've learned in the past year that "letting go"... of what I cannot do a thing about, and trying to "mend" what I can, or if it is TOO stressful, pitch it out the window, and drive away, Tomorrow is still will NOT work, but your mind WILL!

WEGO's Annual Blog for November Challenge did just that for me. I find myself "throwing out" what does not work, and moving on to the greater thing right in front of me. Making "right" what I can, and walking away from what I cannot do a thing about....

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