Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 5 - WEGO Blog Writer's Challenge! "Who am I"? What makes me want to really stand up and be heard? #HAWMC

Day 5 - 


WEGO Blog Writer's Challenge! "Who am I"? What makes me want to really stand up and be heard? 

I've been a "passionate" and avid writer and poet since I was 13. I told people many years ago, my "heart's and life's work" was to write. That may entail poetry, short prose, and even as later in my life came, Music Lyrics and singing. I've always loved music, played the piano for years and took lessons, played the drums, (not all that good but I love it), and I always wished I could have been a good a singer as my Dad was.
When "something" hits me, whatever subject that maybe. From all of the advocacy, volunteer, and human rights issues, to diseases, and illnesses, plus chronic pain, the way I serve best is through my writing. That may be on Facebook, my blog, or through my books. Even my emails often reflect what "platform" I am on at that moment (not political for the most part).

I believe we all have a "voice". It is just that some of us, like any other talent, singing, painting, drawing, playing sports, or whatever your "best and favorite" thing is to do, we can "say" how we feel by the way we work towards those goals within those favorite realms we face.

I get upset because I find that although I "think" after one thing or the other "settles in my life" I will find MORE TIME to do THOSE THINGS I LOVE, it seems something else "holds me back" or take my attention from the exact thing I want to do.

I LOVED the trips every couple of months or so with my Mom. We had such an awesome time, heading up to just over the border of Texas to the Casino in Oklahoma, Winstar. Neither of us were or are "gamblers". Those times were more about "getting away" from it all. Bills, life, house, errands, cleaning, cooking, and all of the daily grind things we face. It was the drive and talking, the stop always at the same place for breakfast, just before we got to the Casino, and then walking into where there are NO CLOCKS, you do not know what time it is, whether it is day or night, you step into a world that totally takes your mind off the "world outside". It was watching Mom win a few bucks, or her sitting and watching me play some of the "penny games" that I loved with all of the "bonuses" and just us being together, deciding whether to play more or eat, or eat and go to the room for awhile... just her and I, off away from it all, and how much I enjoyed, watching her do the ONE THING she enjoyed in life, going and having that overnight stay away from it all, and the lights, the noise, and even going upstairs to our room and knowing she was worn out, but in a good way. 

I come back though to my writing. I "express" ALL of what I am feeling, whether good, bad or indifferent through my writing. Passion is there, love is there, frustration, being totally upset, or totally in heaven, whether feeling like I cannot go another step, or excited because I've been given another way to follow, a path to find something else around the corner.

The BEST right now is my TWO PUBLISHED BOOKS! As I work on 2 more, that I hope to finish, those two books published "before I left this world" was such an amazing thrill for me... SO, if YOU want to "know me", read my poetry, writing, my prose, my posts, my blog, and there you shall find "RHIA" - "ME'...


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