Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Award" Winning Blog! How does that happen?

This line as a "ring" to it.... "Award Winning Blog or Award Winning Blogger"... not that an award "makes or breaks" a blog, but I had never given thought to blog awards until today. I ran across this fact on a FB page that I frequent. I had to stop and ask myself first of all, how the heck do I get OTHER PEOPLE to read my blog? I have asked people on my FB page until I am blue in the face to please go there read and comment. Of course my husband, a few friends, and a few that find me out there in the realms of "googling" may come across my blog, but I still do not have the traffic I really want to have. My blog "rings" our about autoimmune illnesses and chronic pain for the most part. I also have a touch of my own "drama" in life, which for the most part involves the chronic pain and illness I deal with. Along with that, is the fact that doctors do not (in general) have enough "education" on these illnesses. There is also not enough education out there for patients, for caretakers, and professionals, friends and so forth about these "evil" diseases that take away the very essence of who you are.
They suck the life out of you, and spit it back in your face. Whether you are talking about Lupus, RA, CFS, FM (I happen to have the opinion of FM and CFS are also autoimmune related diseases also), Raynaud's. Sjogren's, MS, Mysathenia Gravis, Diabetes 2, and this list of 100's of these AI's goes on and on.
As a "patient", "suffer"... being inflicted terminally, being saddled with for life, which ever circle you find yourself in; or whatever way you want to describe yourself. This "nomination" called "Autoimmune Illness - Chronic" means that you have been "signed up" (not because you wanted to) for a life long, eternity of many, many symptoms, diagnosis, tests, doctors, quacks (at times), blood work, needles, IV's, possible hospitalizations, possible surgeries ( i've endured well over what I can count on my fingers and toes), massive insurance bull crap paperwork, more medications that your stomach can hold on many days, and endless lists and lists that you take to every doctor you see. Believe me, with one "bad" brain fog day at a doctor's without a list of medications, new procedures, new tests, blood work, Ct's, MRI's, surgeries and other new doctors, you will never remember or have enough room on their forms to write it all down.
So, now back to this "Award" winning blog! What do I do? Do I "advertise?" I already use the social media scene, Facebook, Twitter, of course my blog, which also posts to my Author page every time I post something new. I have hundreds of FB friends. Yet, trying to get them to the blog is like giving medication to a puppy... almost impossible. Why is that? I think I give them "too much information" on FB. So, they just avoid wasting time on my blog. So, maybe I should NOT say much on FB, but just post all on the blog, and a link on FB where the latest and greatest out of my brain fogged mind is written.

I don't have to have an "award". But, the idea of it sounds wonderful. So, what do I do? "Google" about "how to have an award winning blog".. Ah, and there it is... knowing people, social media, putting your blog information everywhere that is relevant or possibly irrelevant also.... anyway, anywhere you can get it out there for the world to see and read hopefully...

All I can say is, "I WANT ONE!"  Can I make "this one" Award Winning? Good Question.....

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