Thursday, October 3, 2013


Trust. A word that can mean so much depending on what type of "trust" you are speaking of. There is a "trust" that is money set aside often by a Grandparent, Parent and so forth to take care of a child/children after their death. They do this when kids are younger and not able to take care of financial activities, then often when they come of age are able to see over it then.
Then there is trust, in the sense of "truth". If you ask someone a question, you expect for them to tell you the truth, thus you develop a trust in that person.
Trust can be telling someone something extremely delicate and private. You tell the person not to tell anyone. You trust that they will and you expect for them to not tell a soul, unless you later say it's okay.
We trust that when we pay our bills, all of our utilities stay connected, and so forth.
A supervisor trusts an employee to do a job right.
Parents often begin to trust in their teenagers, that they will not drive and drink, they will not act stupid, and will take care of and respect responsibility.
We for the most part of us, "Trust", in the "Lord"... or the name of your Higher Power. Often our trust in "him" or "her" is one of the strongest bonds we form as far as the spiritual realms of our entity.
When we take marriage vows, those are said in trust that they will be honored, and kept sacred.
We use "trust" in so many ways, daily, for all type of things, people and situations. If we did not "trust" in others and things we would never get anything accomplished because we would be either doing it ourselves or looking over the person to see if it is correct.
Then for us as a Nation, we had, notice I sad "had" TRUST, that who we elected to represent us would UPHOLD THE TRUST THEY instilled in us when they said yes, we will take care of and represent you, as the people. Well, folks that trust has been not only cracked but shattered! I don't trust anything that comes out of anyone's mouth if they are a part of this government. The new media is almost as bad. They stir up and manipulate situations to only get us more "riled" up and thinking about ways we can "fix" it, or giving us just a piece of the story and not the entire story. My last couple of weeks have involved a great deal of trust, and trust that was broken... and this government we call Washington D.C. is a huge part of it. I am not sure they will ever regain mine back again, what about you???

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