Saturday, October 12, 2013

When you are "touched" by an "Angel of Inspiration"

Living with Autoimmune Arthritic illnesses can bring you down to your knees in many realms. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or all of them combined, it can be difficult to find "inspiration" to aid you in finding your way out of the "darkness" of these awful illnesses, and back into the light and fight.

Well, I have met someone lately who has done just that for me. This lady is such a blessing. As ill as she is with RA, she refuses to let it interfere with the tasks of life that she has in mind to spread awareness, to bring about patient centered research, to be a huge advocacy voice, and to include patients to do this research, run this global foundation, and bring aid to all around the world. Just when I felt I had lost my own way through the pits of illness and what it has done to my life lately... taken away everything that I felt like I was doing to help others, and honestly made me feel that I just needed to shut up, get off line, and stop writing.

I got to meet Tiffany Westrich-Robertson through a mutual online friend. Actually I have also met him in person. I had been reading some of his posts and decided that he was helping a FB community to really provide awareness about AI Arthritis and other AI diseases, and how they so often overlap one another. Well, I found out after just a few moments that Tiffany and her activeness and advocacy was much, much more than just Facebook oriented!

The more I read, the more I wanted to know. The more I knew, the more I wanted to help this incredible lady with this foundation. After a few weeks of really getting to know the whole story of how all of this came about, and how quickly she has grown into a non-profit Foundation to do just what I love to write about and spread knowledge about, my hopes were there would be some way I could be a part of her tremendous important work.

Thus I have! I am taking "classes" to become an "active volunteer" for the "International Autoimmune Arthritis Foundation" or "IAAF". The URL where the new website is can be found at:

Please take a look and you will also find inspiration and a renewal of hope from her amazing story.

I certainly know I have. :)


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