Thursday, October 17, 2013

Recovery - Life long Process

I know some ill think this has nothing to do with Autoimmune Arthritis or Chronic Pain and Chronic illnesses but I know from speaking to many, that at one time or the other they used the "addiction" to squelch the pain... whether physical, emotional or mental... it "dampened" the hurt... thus this does hit home for many...

 Here is the link to the entire website and its information:

Due to a very personal friend of mine coming to grips with the realms of an "addict" of pills (I HATE the word ADDICT but I know that really is the term no matter how WE outside the situation feels about it. So, I have also recently found out there are several of my close friends on Facebook  that have dealt with recovery and now sobriety for years. Which I commend them highly! After reading this I felt the need to put it out there, for I feel there are many of us that honestly don't know someone who can be very close to us, and addict or alcoholic, and we not know. I am so proud of this person who has been "clean" now for 6 weeks. I am trying to understand the whole thing, from why the addiction, and why "recovery" honestly is a life long process. And I know where there must be especially spouses, man or wife that would not be able to "walk" that sobriety "walk " no matter how much love you feel. It just like some of us that so "chronically ill"( of which I think of and addiction of any type to be a "chronic illness") just like a diabetic or we are... we have those that their spouse cannot deal with the chronic illnesses and they must go... even if love is there sometimes people are just not that strong.... So,  post this for those who are recovering, those that have a spouse who is trying to recover, even more for the ones that need their spouse of family member to realize their problem and take that first step...  my heart and prayers are with you and my hopes are that even though that "craving" may never truly disappear completely, may you find your life is more life now full and more "normal" than when you used those "wrong tools" to aid you to get through emotions that can be very difficult..  I hope this post may help someone else...

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