Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bear With Me - Sometimes The Brain Fog is More than I know...

LOL!!! I have to laugh at myself. As much as I know about e-mail, web sites, URL's, design, development, and all about anything internet wise... I just learned something "new" to me.  I have honestly "Not" learned all about "Google" + and the circles, groups and so forth as I should have. I began using Google" mainly due to wanting to start a blog. Rather than continue to post so much about the Realms of Autoimmune Arthritis, and Chronic pain issues on Facebook; I wanted to "blog" it and give a wide array over the world a chance to view what I write about. I know I can do that on FB, but I just feel a blog is much more "personal". Thus I began using "Blogger" several years back. Well, then of course I figured out there was "gmail" and I set up an account. It never dawned on me that it being an
email account, meant that all of the "comments", posts etc. on "Blogger" would go to that email address, until this morning!! All this time I have been "manually" going to my blog and viewing answering, comments etc. Well idiot me, "I am just a tad bit slow" ..... finally had an amazing brain happening, and it dawned in the light that everything was going to an email address THAT I NEVER LOOK AT!!! So, I really hate to admit something so ridiculously stupid on my part. But, for me an "Email" address was not what I was looking for back then, it was a "blog" that suited my needs. Now I kind of think I wished I would have done a "Word Press" blog, but I figure they are all about the same. I just hear a great deal about Word Press and wonder why the ordeal is about it.

Anyway, I truly belive I need to "update" my own "mind" about Google" circles, and remember to check my email here OR send it to one of my other email addresses so that I KNOW when I get posts etc...

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