Friday, October 25, 2013

cont... How Does One get an "Award Winning Blog"?

I've touched on this subject a couple of weeks back, and I am still searching for answers about how I can get my blog "out there", push it so others with Autoimmune Arthritic Illnesses, and other autoimmune diseases can read it. I honestly feel like I have many things to say to those that suffer so badly from the trials and tribulations that come with chronic pain and illness. I don't want to seem like I am just "tooting my own horn", as the saying goes. I truly want to make a difference in others lives. I've always felt being online, where I can reach so many people around the globe was the way to do it. That said, I also still feel that my next book will really be one that many of those out there suffering will find solace in. I feel that when I talk about my own "journey" through the land of the lost as so many of us think we are, will help others strive on to move their own mountains.
Even being a professional web designer, where I optimized many of my husband's clients websites so they got out there and rated high on Google's listings, I still am not sure how to push my own blog. I am already on Facebook, I have my 2 books on, I have my blog here, I am a member of many groups dealing in the illnesses, and still I feel like I am totally stranded in a sea of "sites" so that not many get to see my own blog. Recently I got the pleasure of meeting an incredible woman that also has RA. She founded what is now a non-profit Foundation that has become famous and well known within a few years. She started out with a "bracelet" she made in her apartment, that quickly became a success in the realms of Autoimmune Arthritis Illnesses. From this incredible "Buckle Me Up" Movement that came from that bracelet, she is now the Co-Founder and CEO of the International Foundation of Autoimmune Arthritis. Talk about one incredible lady! She is also a "victim" of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is one, of several Autoimmune Arthritic diseases that challenge hundreds of thousand's of us all over the globe. I was totally elated when I met her through a mutual FaceBook friend. Even though I have written and published two books, and am working on a third that will be my own personal saga of these forever life altering, still often mysterious illnesses, I feel I am not getting my own story our here.
I have my blog, yet even with it set to be "public" I have not gotten many followers. It is kept up, and I post just about every day, most of which has something to do with either these illnesses themselves, or the way they have altered my life. Then I have a Facebook page, am a member of several groups there, yet I feel I have "dropped the ball" as far as gaining public recognition with any of it.
As I said above, I am not trying to be "rich and famous", or try and say I am some super star of blogging and writing. Yet, I feel so deeply that my "job" on Earth as long as I am here is to reach out to others, and give them the tools, the courage, the information about all of these illnesses, the medications, new research, and the hope for a cure! If I would design my own website, I could push in with SEO. Of course many of you would not know what "SEO" stands for. It means "Seacrch Engine Optimization". I did that for clients, and it helps to push them up to the front pages of search engines such as Google, and so forth where potential readers, clients and the like can find them easily. It means the essence of a "money-making" website, making it or failing. Without your site being "out there" for people to find, even though word of mouth helps also, it is almost impossible to have people be able to get to you now in the oceans of sites on the World Wide Web...
Part of me thinks I should have stuck to web design, and just forgotten what I am trying to accomplish here. I have mulled over the facts, time and again, how one person "makes" it per se', and the other one doesn't. Why is it, one person can put one tiny 30 page "novella" out there, that really does not say a great deal, yet I have two published books, and not one person really gives a darned.
My husband says it is "money" and "status". He also says it also takes "luck". So, in other words, no matter what I put out here, whether it is good, bad or indifferent... when is comes to having lots of people "find you" it is more luck of the draw, and how many "ads" you put on your blog.
Well, I come back to the "award winning blog".... How does one get "an award winning blog?" Do you submit it, is it really because you pay for ads, it is because what I have to say is not anything worth reading... I wished I could find out the real "truth"... As I continue to reach out and find some way, some how, some truth, and some realm of getting to that place, I watch others just dance circles around me, with their blogs and the like. I am genuinely happy for them! But, I feel what I have to say is also worth people's time to read... if anyone has some kind of "magical potion" or answer I would love to hear from you.....

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