Friday, October 25, 2013

Living through a "female's" hell....

Ya know... I have just about decided to change my ENTIRE REALM of thinking when it comes to writing, especially my BLOG!!! I want to start talking and writing about HOW MUCH CRAP WOMEN go through in order to just BE A FEMALE!!! Why is it that WE THROUGH ALL OF THESE CHANGES IN OUR LIVES, from the time we are a teenager and develop "a body" and curves, to child bearing years, birth control, yeast infections, annual "exams", and every kind of extremely "intimate" piece of us gets exposed most of our lives... mammograms, pap smears, dealing with cramps, and all those goes along with that.... then you go through either a "hysterical" ectomy! if you get my drift, to hormones changes that "atrophy" things that hell you never knew you "atrophy".... I am just blown away that men... don't have to worry about anything such as any of this... oh they may "worry" because it does not "fit" their schedule, when they are "in the mood"... I spent my entire morning crying my eyes out over "creams", worrying about another heart attack if I use some of these things that should make my life a little "special" again... WE always are making a "choice"... whatever it is, our bodies go through hell and back .... and then hell and back again... I am so totally torn into shreds about all of this crap, until i can't even write this without crying... it sucks

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