Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lots of Exciting News on the Homefront of Autoimmune Arthritis, including Lupus!

I have just been bowled over by the amount of research, and now clinical trials on the Lupus home front. There are some very positive things about the latest medication be tested, which is "Lupuzor". In the Phase 2 clinical trial improvements with arthritic symptoms, as well as skin rash in two thirds of the patients! So, the FDA has given the "thumbs" up on the next Clinical Trial Stage... Here is the story...

It's amazing to see us move from the very first "Lupus" medication Benlysta, and now we have several being tested. Thanks to so much grant money, and those out there doing the research, we are really making progress to find medications to at the very least halt some of the symptoms.

We also have even more news in the realms of research and a "genetic" link to as to why are antibodies do as they do in the Lupus illness. Two of the researchers has been making headway by leaps and bounds in the position of giving Lupus patients a more "personalized" way of treating them, along with more information These are both ground breaking scenarios and they both have won the award for 2013 Distinguished Innovators Awards Support Large-scale Novel Studies to Find Root Causes that Can Drive to a Cure. 

These are the two 2013 award recipients are David Tarlinton, PhD at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Australia and Kenneth Smith, MD, PhD of University of Cambridge, Great Britain.

Here is a link to their further research that may change the face of Lupus forever...

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