Friday, October 25, 2013

National "Drug" Take Back Day this Saturday!

This Weekend the "Take-Back" day for all types of medications especially prescriptions that you may have that are outdated, something you no longer take, etc will be on the 26th. Here is the link for more information... by the way, this is totally anonymous. I have done it the last two years with expired prescriptions, or medications like antibiotics or something that I did not use all of, or could not take for some reason. It is a great way to dispose of these. We should never throw medications in the toliet or wash them down the drain. Our water is full enough now because of us doing that. Yet, most of us do not want these lying around our home either, so this makes it easy to get rid of them. I have some samples etc that I will take this weekend. Sometimes the doctors gives you some samples, and then maybe you can't use them... thus they are there in bottles laying around... I know I also have some Humira here that I wished I could give to someone who could use it. After my Rituxan infusion for the RA, I no longer can use the Humira injections. And they are so expensive, but I know there is no way a doctors office would give them to a patient... even though they are completely sealed. I have tried to think of some way of finding someone who could use them. I hate to throw them out. I don't think I can even dispose of those on the 26th though. I believe anything that involves syringes can't be taken... even those like something for diabetes and so forth. I will have to check. Anyway here is the link:

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