Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More Incredible News in the Realms of RA and New Treatments

Many of you have already heard of Simponi. It is one of the latest "biologics" on the scene as far a Rheumatoid Arthritis, infusions, injections, and the like. We have several that you can now give your own self an injection at home weekly on the majority of them. That has made all of these much more appealing so you don't have to make trips back and forth frequently for infusions.

I recently went on Rituxan. My Rheumatologist and I had discussed it for over a year, before we took the plunge. But, I had already tried Humira for over a year, had tried Orencia for several months, and I still had severe pain, and what felt like my feet, ankles, heels, fingers and thumbs were just degrading daily. The pain had gotten so intense, I feared we would not be able to get it under control. Lord knows I take enough medication for various types of pain, plus I have my pain pump that is internal. That sucker still has to be refilled about every three months. Due to my insurance just jumping off the roof in pricing it almost would be cheaper for me to take pills. But more than likely I would never be able to get enough meds in my system to do enough good on my body to stop the pain. The pump alleviate's most of that. Since the medication in liquid form goes directly through a small catheter to my spinal fluid, the medication goes straight to the part of the brain that needs it to get relief. Thus it takes a very minute amount daily to get that relief, verses me having to try and keep up with, and take on a daily basis several pain pills at different intervals. So, for know i will say due to my situation, the pump was and is still the answer. Now don't get me wrong, it absolutely does NOT take away ALL the pain, nothing does. But, it sure resolves the fact that I am not "out of it" or groggy and so forth. I have no side effects as you would with it being orally taken.

Now as I said I got a notice this morning via email that Janssen Biotech, Inc has just came out with a "new" type of the medication called "Simponi Aria". If the Rituxan for some reason decided to not work, I would definitely look into this medication. The link is below:

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